Game of the Year: Fernley vs. Fallon for the 3A state football title |

Game of the Year: Fernley vs. Fallon for the 3A state football title

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Fallon’s Julian Evans (4) intercepts a pass with teammate Ethan Andrews (2) also in the secondary. Left of Evans is Fernley’s Anthony Thompson.
Thomas Ranson/LVN

When Fallon belonged to the Northern AA decades ago, the Greenwave’s major opponents included Yerington, Manogue and Elko.

More than 30 years later, Fernley has become one of the Greenwave’s major rivals as the two teams battle each other not only in football but also in other sports, specifically softball.

Now, it’s round two between the rivals. Fernley plays Fallon in the 3A state championship football game Saturday at 4:30 p.m. at Carson High School. Fallon is the host and defending 3A state champions.


Over the years, the Fallon-Fernley rivalry has become a spirited game with Fallon winning the past two years and Fernley eking out a 32-30 win in the second game of 2017 at the Edward Arciniega Athletic Complex. The Vaqueros claimed a 32-30 fourth-quarter win in Fallon by rallying with 33.7 seconds left on the clock.

Fernley erased a 12-point fourth-quarter deficit to beat Fallon for the first time since the Greenwave joined the 3A in 2010.

When the two teams played each other in this year’s regular season, Fallon held off a late-game rally for a 42-35 home win. Fallon quarterback Elijah Jackson threw three touchdown passes to receiver Brock Richardson, but a 49-yard pass to Tommy McCormick with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game and three long runs from Richardson in the red zone gave the Wave its second win of the season.

Fernley’s quarterback ran for 177 yards and two touchdowns, and Brandon Reyes added 50 yards rushing and two touchdowns. The Fallon defense limited Steele to 37 yards passing.

Fallon is 10-1, 8-0 in league and earned the No. 1 seed going into the playoffs. Fernley is 10-2 overall and 6-2 in the league.

In the first round of the playoffs, Fallon defeated Spring Creek, 34-10, then Virgin Valley, 47-14. Fallon coach Brooke Hill said he was a little concerned with the opponents outplaying the Greenwave for most of the second half.

Fernley outscored Truckee 14-7 in the second half to win its first playoff game, 35-28. In Las Vegas last weekend, Fernley built a four-touchdown lead before Cheyenne made the game interesting, falling 35-30.

This will be the first time the teams have played each other for a state football championship, but the girls softball teams have been familiar foes at the 3A state tournaments.

No word regarding a friendly wager or a prize between the mayors of the two communities.


Fallon has gained 2,278 yards with its passing game, and the running game, which relies on Richardson and Jackson, gained 2,360 yards.

Richardson led Fallon in rushing with 648 yards and had 844 yards in receiving. He is also dangerous on kickoff returns. Tommy McCormick caught 52 passes for 798 yards and 14 touchdowns. Jackson completed 114 of 171 passes for 2,019 yards and 29 touchdowns He didn’t throw for an interception. He rushed for 483 yards.

Fernley, on the other hand, has a lethal one-two punch from Steele, who ran for 1,126 yards, and Reyes, who’s only a junior. He has rushed for 1,255 yards. As a team, Fernley led the Northern 3A with 4,046 yards rushing.

Steele completed 31 of 69 passes for 664 yards.

On defense, Fallon shut out three opponents and since Fernley scored 35 points on Fallon in early September, the most points the Wave allowed on defense was 21.

Fallon’s defense was the stingiest in the Northern 3A and is led by Northern 3A Defensive Player of the Year Dominyke Edwards. Richardson, McCormick, Colby Malkovich and Avery Strasdin can give any teams fits in the secondary. McCormick and Strasdin each intercepted a pass last weekend and ran it back to the end zone. Strasdin ran back his interception for 66 yards.

Fernley’s defense recorded two shutouts this season including a 30-0 win against Elko and allowed seven points in one game (North Valleys) and six in another (Spring Creek).


A sendoff for the Greenwave begins at 12:30 p.m. from the high school. Buses will follow a first-responders escort out of town from the school to Taylor Street and north to Williams Avenue. The escort then heads west.

Tune in for all the action. Longtime play-by-player announcer Larry Barker and analyst Randy Beeghly begin their afternoon with the pre-game show at 4 p.m. and kickoff at 4:30 p.m. on K2 99.5 FM and Network 1 Sports ( A video stream of the game is also available via the NFHS Network with Dan Slater of the Local Sports Program. Here’s a link to the video stream. A subscription is required.…/churchill-county-high-school-

The Lahontan Valley News will post updates on its Facebook page after each score and quarter. Veteran sportswriter and LVN editor emeritus Steve Ranson, who has covered the last two championship games in 2015 and 2018, will recap the Greenwave’s game in the pages of the LVN, online at and on Facebook. Photographer Thomas Ranson will chronicle the game from the sidelines.


Fallon: Green and white

# Name Pos. Gr. Ht Wt

1 Brock Richardson WR, DB Sr. 5-8 165

2 Ethan Andrews WR, DB Sr. 6-0 165

3 Tommy McCormick WR, DB Sr. 6-1 185

4 Julian Evans LB, RB Jr. 5-7 180

5 Matt Davis WR, DB Jr. 5-11 150

6 Levi Andrews RB, DB Jr. 6-0 165

7 Keaton Williams QB So. 6-1 170

8 Elijah Jackson QB, FS Sr. 6-0 180

9 Colby Malkovich DB, WR Jr. 5-11 170

10 Avery Strasdin WR, QB Jr. 6-2 160

11 Devin Souza DB, WR Sr. 5-8 135

12 Wyatt Hatch LB, RB Jr. 5-8 150

13 Dominyke Edwards LB, RB Sr. 6-1 210

15 Kenji Armbruster WR, DB Jr. 6-0 160

18 Zeke Washington TE, DE Sr. 6-2 185

20 Hunter Cooper WR, DB Jr. 5-10 140

21 Malcolm Feest WR, DB Jr. 6-1 150

22 Josiah Rosario DB, WR Jr. 5-7 135

25 Keith Smith DB, WR Jr. 5-9 150

32 Kodus Wehe LB, WR Jr. 5-11 170

34 Shaw Lee LB, TE Jr. 6-2 210

40 Cade Barton LB, RB Jr. 6-0 180

44 Tristan Hill WR, CB Fr. 5-6 140

48 Steven Moon WR, DB Fr. 5-11 150

50 Morgan Lawry OL, DL Sr. 6-4 190

51 Francisco Tapia CB So. 5-9 160

52 Johnathon Blakey OL, DL Sr. 6-0 189

55 Dylin Valerio OL, DL Jr. 6-2 270

56 Thomas Steele OL, DE Sr. 6-4 210

58 Sione Otuafi OL, DL Sr. 6-3 290

60 Cody Shelton ILB So. 5-8 165

61 Xavier Capton OLB So. 6-0 165

64 Brody Jacks RB Fr. 5-11 150

65 Zane Johnston OL, DL Sr. 5-11 240

66 Ben Bake OL, DL Sr. 6-1 320

70 James Harmony OL, DL Sr. 6-0 230

71 Nofoefia Falani DL, OL Sr. 5-10 230

72 David Palanivelu DL, OL Jr. 6-1 215

73 Damian Towne OL, DL So. 6-3 260

76 Jacob Forshee OL, DL Jr. 5-8 170

78 Rigoberto Romero OL, DL Jr. 6-1 255

80 Matt Sorenson WR, DB Jr. 6-1 160

81 Sam Robertson WR, K Jr. 6-1 170

85 Reuben Sanchez WR, DB Jr. 5-9 145

88 Tyler Austin WR, DB So. 6-2 160

90 Reece Kincaid WR, OLB So. 5-10 150

99 Jace Nelson TE, DE So. 6-3 210

Coach Brooke Hill

Fernley: Black and orange

# Name Pos. Gr. Ht Wt

1 Lonnie Halterman RB, FS Sr. 5-8 165

2 Kyle Jones WR, FS Jr. 5-11 155

4 John Owens QB, DE Jr. 5-9 180

6 Austin Roberts WR, FS Jr. 5-8 120

8 Anthony Thompson WR, CB Jr. 6-0 175

9 Khyrii Prevost RB, OLB Sr. 5-10 164

10 Gage Gothan RB, MLB So. 5-10 160

11 Jacob Dwyer WR, CB Sr. 6-1 165

15 Julian Mcintyre QB, FS So. 5-10 150

16 Miles Steele QB, CB Sr. 5-10 165

18 Carson Kingston WR, CB So. 6-2 160

20 Jesse Sapien, Jr SB, OLB Jr. 5-7 140

25 Bailey Torres RB, OLB Sr. 5-9 160

30 Emiliano Alonzo RB, MLB So. 5-10 170

33 Tucker Hall QB, MLB Jr. 5-11 180

34 Jr Reyes RB, OLB So. 5-8 175

35 Brandon Reyes FB, OLB Jr. 5-7 175

38 Jack Knodell K, WR, DB Sr. 5-11 170

42 Ryan Edwards WR, CB Sr. 6-2 150

47 David Sisneros RB, DE Jr. 5-10 195

50 Eric Juliot T, DE Jr. 6-0 190

51 Dominic Gianotti T, DT Sr. 5-11 220

52 Ethan Bacock C, DE Sr. 6-3 195

54 Logan Kibbe RB, MLB Sr. 5-11 205

55 Setriano Piroddi G, DT Sr. 6-0 245

57 Ryan Busch G, DT Sr. 6-0 255

58 Travis Kollar T, DT So. 5-11 175

60 Tyler Back DT, T So. 6-3 220

64 Kale Kreller C, DT So. 5-11 200

65 Alec Carr G, DT Sr. 5-10 265

67 Dominic Reyes G, DT So. 5-11 290

70 Jordan Franklin T, DT Sr. 6-2 280

75 Roman Porterfield G, DT Sr. 6-0 315

76 Cyle Carter T, DT Jr. 6-0 260

78 Frank Morser G, NG Sr. 5-11 265

85 Josh Rose SB, DB Sr. 5-8 150

Coach Chris Ward