Geothermal plants clean up county dumping sites |

Geothermal plants clean up county dumping sites

Christine Kuklica
A trash stie off of Soad Lake Road that will be included in the community cleanup project.
Courtesy of Michael Johnson |

County Commissioners met Wednesday afternoon and heard about future efforts by two geothermal plants to clean up two dumping sites where household furniture and trash have been dropped off.

Michael Johnson, planning director for Churchill County, said he’s received complaints from resident and employees on one of the geothermal plants about the amount of trash that’s being dumped off of Tarzyn and Soda Lake roads.

“Alterra’s and Enel geothermal have volunteered their employees to clean up these locations,” Johnson said. “Alterra’s plant near Soda Lake Road and their plant manager stated that if the county could provide a dumpster they would have employees clean up the area. The Enel plant said they would have a cleanup day on June 5, for a site of off Tarzyn Road and would provide some of their equipment along with lunch to their crews to get the job done. Walker Lake Disposal has also indicated they can support this effort.”

Commissioner Carl Erquiaga said he’s very familiar with the Tarzyn Road location.

“There’s been clean up out there before and not too long ago as well,” Erquiaga said. “The problem is it needs to be enforced as a no dumping spot because I keep seeing the trash come back.”

Johnson said he took Bob Edwards from the Bureau of Reclamation out to the property off of Tarzyn Road.

“Bob said once the clean up is done, he plans on putting K-Rail up but not necessarily block it off,” Johnson said, “but block it off so vehicles can’t drive back there to dump trash. We want to keep it clean so people can go walk their dogs, go jogging, or go four-wheeling and make it accessible to them but not to vehicles.”

The commissioners approved to support the community cleanup effort authorizing the expenditure of up to $1,000 to fund the two cleanup projects, west of Soda Lake Geothermal and west of Tarzyn Road.

Other items the commissioners approved and/or discussed include the following:

Approved agreement between AOC and the Tenth Judicial District Court that provides grant fund in the amount of $10,00 to implement Churchill County CASA program.

Approved renewal of the lease agreement for use of the school district buses for the Parks and Recreation Department’s SUMFUN Summer Day Camp.

Discussed NPAIP and PACT Insurance Pool update.

Approved Bill 2014-B, amending various provisions of Title 3 of the Churchill County Code.

Discussed classification and compensation study presented by Pontifex Consulting Group.

Approved funding for the Fallon Cantaloupe Festival for $5,000 for fiscal year 2015. Furthermore, following the festival, requested a presentation on the event, and prior to requesting any future funding, requested discussions be had with the County Fair Board to evaluate alternatives to increase participation and attendance at these events.

Approved Bus Scharmann as Churchill County’s representative on the Fallon Youth Club Board of Directors.

Approved updated version of the Churchill County Water Conservation Plan.

Approved closing jail commissary account at Bank of America and opening the account with First Independent Bank of Nevada.

Approved write off of uncollectible accounts within the Water and Waste Water Enterprise Funds for fiscal year ending June 30, 2014.

Approved certain uncollected property taxes for the fiscal years 2010-2011 through 2013-2014 as uncollectable and striking those taxes from tax rolls.