Give children the gift of a good night’s sleep |

Give children the gift of a good night’s sleep


During the holidays, it's important for children to have good sleeping habits.

When your children have trouble sleeping at night it can be just as tiring for you as for your little ones. And no matter what the source of the issue is, a full night’s sleep is important for everybody’s physical and mental health.

But during the busy holiday season, unpredictable sleeping schedules and big family gatherings can contribute to poor sleep. Take steps to help children rest better at night this season by trying these sleep tips to make bedtime easier for the whole family:

Stay active

Don’t be afraid to tire children out! When they aren’t attending school or their regular activities, they aren’t expending as much energy. During the winter break, take long walks or simply visit the park each day for a game of tag, catch or a bike ride.

Keep your kids mentally active, as well. Instead of zoning out in front of the television, encourage them to read, write or paint. A full day of activity means your children will be ready for some shut-eye by bedtime.

Mindful eating

the holidays, try to avoid feeding kids sugary or spicy foods before bedtime, as both can have a tossing and turning effect.

Brighten up

For many kids, settling into bedtime after the excitement of the holidays can be difficult. Instead of opting for a standard nightlight, try a soft and cuddly option that may make sleeping fun and comforting, even in an unfamiliar place. Conveniently, you can now help remedy your children’s sleep issues while traveling during the holidays with a Glow Pet, a loveable and portable light up pet pillow.

“Every child has a favorite bedtime toy, but what’s wonderful about Glow Pets is they are so much more than just another stuffed animal,” advises Laurie Schacht, Toy Insider Mom. “Glow Pets triple function as nightlight, pillow and friend making it the perfect addition to a child’s bedroom, particularly for those kids who have trouble sleeping.”

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A schedule helps the body know when to be alert and when to be sleepy. Over the holidays, don’t let kids deviate too much from their regular routine.

Nighttime rituals, such as bedtime reading, can help create a sleepy mood at night. Anxieties may make sleep a troublesome prospect for some kids, so another great bedtime ritual is simply spending time talking with your kids each night. This gives them the opportunity to open up and discuss what’s bothering them.

With a few tricks, you can make bedtime more fun for kids.