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Goats R Us 4-H Club

Gloria Montero
Raising goats is a good project for Fallon 4-H students.
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Are you 9 to 19? Have you been wanting to get involved in 4-H?

Goats are a great project for beginners as well as experienced 4-H youth. Goats are easy to care for, affordable, and let’s not forget fun!

Goats R us 4H club offers many different types of projects to fit your desires such as pack goats, dairy goats and meat goats.

A member choosing the dairy goat project will learn how to feed and care for a dairy goat. You will have opportunities to show your goat and therefore learn how to properly fit the goat for a show. You will also learn about milk production of goats and all the products that can be made from goats milk.

Pack goat projects offer you a companion when hiking or hunting. You will learn how care for and train your goat to carry your supplies and equipment for you on the trail. You will be able to conduct demonstrations to educate the public on the use of pack goats.

A member has two options for projects if you choose the meat goat. You can raise a meat goat for breeding purposes and start your own herd. The breeding project is a longterm project that involves breeding your animals and learning kidding and goat husbandry skills. You will learn about breed characteristics and how to select for sound, strong animals for reproduction. If you choose the short term market goat project you will sell your animal at auction after the show. With either project you will learn how to feed and properly care for meat goats to raise a healthy, high quality meat products or the consumer. Members will also learn how to market and sell meat goat products.

Throughout the year 4-H members will participate in meetings, workdays, fundraisers and community service events. Please attend back to 4-H night at the multi-purpose room at the fairgrounds on Monday, 6-8 p.m.

If you are interested in signing up-now is the time! Call your local 4-H office at 423-5121 or call the Goats R Us 4-H leader, Gloria Montero. at 775-427-8210.

Goat Grazing Facts:

Goats were one of the first animals to be domesticated by humans about 9,000 years ago. Today, there are some 200 different breeds.