Graduating seniors take home scholarships |

Graduating seniors take home scholarships

Staff report
At least 55 graduating seniors of Churchill County High School anxiously wait to receive their scholarships during the Scholarship Awards Ceremony Thursday at the high school auditorium.

Churchill County High School celebrated its 20th annual Academic and Scholarship Awards Thursday by presenting over 70 scholarships to 55 graduating students, including those who exceed the 3.5 grade point average.

The event took place at the high school’s auditorium.

Scholarships ranged from community and school organizations, the CCSD Board of Trustees, memorials, state and national level, in-state and out-of-state universities.

Not only did moments of pride hit these students but also moments of truth. With graduation around the corner, some students expressed how the ceremony has made an impact to their realizations.

“I’m excited about my scholarships and graduating, but also nervous,” said Ryan Lords, who received four scholarships. “But I’m happy we’re all being recognized for the things we did in high school to get us here.”

Two sisters, Shelby and Sierra Hickox, are also graduating together this year, both with scholarships and academic recognition.

“We’re excited for the future,” said Sierra. “It will be fascinating to see everyone’s paths and where we’ll all go.”

A full list of winners will appear in the LVN’s Pride of Our Future supplement coming May 25.