Grouchy’s barbershop serves more than 500 customers in first 2 months |

Grouchy’s barbershop serves more than 500 customers in first 2 months

Registered Barber Billy Coleman, left, serves hundreds of customers by himself at his new Grouchy's Barbershop on West Williams Avenue.

Since the age of 17, Billy Coleman always knew he wanted to be a barber.

After serving 25 years in law enforcement, Coleman achieved his lifelong dream by opening Grouchy’s Barbershop along West Williams Avenue, after completing his apprenticeship at East 50 Barbershop in Carson City.

Just within two months of opening, Coleman has already done more than 500 cuts.

“I always digged the vibe going to barber shops when I was growing up,” he said. “It’s about the health, too, not just the cut. I want to help guys feel and look their best.”

Currently, Coleman is a solo barber at his shop, and despite the name, he seems anything but grouchy. He was inspired by a close friend of his who owned a barber shop for 12 years called “Grumpy’s”.

But there’s a catch with the name, and it all has to do with the customer’s comfort.

“All guys are kind of a grouch every once in a while,” Coleman said. “I think a guy needs a place where he can escape political correctness, be comfortable, and be himself. If that means he’s grouchy, then he’s grouchy.”

With vintage barbershop chairs and memorabilia, it’s hard to imagine being grouchy in a place like Grouchy’s.

Coleman describes his atmosphere “a little old school mixed with a little new school” — from classic car models, soda bottles, relic coins, beer steins and military souvenirs and collections on display, it gives the barber shop an indulgence of a man cave.

Coleman said the majority of the collections are from his garage at home. His daughter, Emily, even painted a sign for Grouchy’s with a depiction of Coleman’s face.

Soon, not only will Coleman accommodate appointments and walk-ins, he’ll also provide a full service shave included with cuts, he said.

He’s also licensed for three barbers, which will be another upcoming addition. But Coleman also hopes he will have a mix of customers.

“Barber shops are mostly seen as for men, but women could stop in and get a trim,” he said. “This also is an environment for veterans and seniors to feel welcome, as well as the younger generation.”

Coleman was even a barber during his years in the military as an Army Sergeant; the members of his platoon relied on Coleman for cuts at the barracks during his six-year stint as an Abrams tanker.

“After serving my country, I wanted to serve the community,” Coleman said. “I was the kind of kid that needed rules — I like that lifestyle.”

In regards to haircuts and styling, the stars are aligned within Coleman and his family; his wife, Caroline, also is a hairstylist at Chandler & Coleman Salon, also along West Williams Avenue.

His son, Billy Jr., is finishing up barber school in Idaho and will complete his apprenticeship at Grouchy’s.

Coleman couldn’t be any more thankful for the experience he gained during his time at East 50 Barbershop; the commute from Fallon to Carson was well worth it, on top of having the opportunity to prepare beards for the annual Nevada Day Beard Contest.

“It was great in Carson because the population is larger compared to Fallon,” he said. “I’ve seen a variety of styles, and the things people brought to the table was challenging.”

Jeremy Root-Ferguson, owner of East 50, was Coleman’s mentor during his apprenticeship. Root-Ferguson said Coleman’s timing to open a business in Fallon is perfect.

“He filled in that niche market,” Root-Ferguson said. “It was a fun transformation to watch him over the year and he brought over a good aspect.”

“I’m back to being me again and it’s fulfilling,” Coleman added.

Schedule an appointment with Coleman by calling 775-294-6053, then stopping by the shop at 1525 West Williams Avenue, Unit K.