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Halloween, black cats, and good luck

by Kathleen Williams-Miller
Chewy, an adorable St. Bernard mix, is one year old. He is looking for a home with older children or dogs. Chewy is high energy and loves to play and romp. He is a perfect playmate. Please come out and meet him he is the sweetest guy ever and he wants a forever home.

Halloween is here and it’s time for trick or treating. Watson can hardly wait to run to the door to greet the ghosts and ghouls who come for candy. Last year Superman, Wonder Woman and their Super Kids surprised us with a magic trick before we gave them a treat. It was great!

One symbol of Halloween that has consistently gotten a bad rap is the black cat. It seems to have started in Europe during the Middle Ages when cats and single women were associated with witchcraft. Cats weren’t witches but conspirators. The “witch” usually owned land or something others wanted and labeling her was a way to obtain her property.

In many cultures black cats are considered good luck and are prized for their sleek shiny coats. There is no specific breed of black cat, but there are more male than female born. Many black cats have intense golden eyes because of high melanin pigment content. Perhaps the unusual eye color and shiny black fur made them a target for the “witch” hunters.

In Ancient Egypt cats were worshiped as sacred, and they symbolized Bastet, the cat goddess of protection. Cats were mummified and buried with their masters. Today many cultures revere black cats and prize them as a symbol of good luck.

In Ireland, England and Scotland, if a black cat crosses your path you are blessed and fortunate. The Japanese have Fortune Cats which are statues of cats with a raised paw. They are meant to bring good luck and wealth.

My favorite is the French belief that if you release a black cat at a crossroads containing five intersecting roads and follow the cat he will lead you to a treasure. I think the greatest treasure is owning a black cat. Have a purrfect Halloween!


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October Pet Holiday: Black Cat Month.

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