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Happy Mother’s Day to “Pet Moms”

By Kathleen Williams-Miller

Petting Watson and looking into his eyes made me realize how much the boy dog has added to our lives. Yes, he is our furry child. I know many people who refer to their pets as kids. So, this Mother’s Day, I think all “Pet Moms” should celebrate the incredible connection we have with our pets.

   Dr. Brian Hare, the author of “The Genius of Dogs,” explained in his book why that connection happens. When you look into your pet’s eyes, your body is flooded with oxytocin. Oxytocin is the hormone of love, nurture, mutual trust and, above all, bonding that forms between a parent and child.

   Over time dogs and humans have grown to love and protect each other through a positive-feedback loop that is controlled by oxytocin. The attachment between dogs and people mimics the relationship between mother and child. In other words, our dogs have manipulated our natural feelings for children to include them.

   How convenient is that? Most of us are suckers for wide-eyed babies who give us the adorable stare. Perhaps dogs observed the reactions people had to babies and did the same thing. Who hasn’t fallen for puppy eyes? I have to admit Watson has the sweetest, brownest eyes and he can get me to open the refrigerator by just looking at me.

   Recently there has been a great deal of research about dog’s intelligence. The current research supports the theory that dogs are as intelligent as a two-or three-year-old child and we get the oxytocin bond from just looking in their eyes. I’m sure that dogs have had our number for a long time. To all the Pet Moms out there, have a fabulous Mother’s Day. XOXO from Watson too.


   Paisley, a beautiful three-year-old, Dutch Shepherd mix, is tan with a bit of white and black. She has lovely, expressive eyes. Paisley enjoys chasing a ball, eating treats and walking on a leash. She would like to be an only pet. Come meet this sweetheart; she’ll steal your heart away.    

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   May Pet Holiday: Pet Mother’s Day.

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