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Highway 95 South crashes

Staff Report
Two NHP troopers stand by their vehicles, which are due east of a single vehicle rollover 17 miles south of Fallon on the Schurz Highway. Less than 15 minutes after this photo was taken, a semitruck crashed into the two patrol vehicles.

U.S. Highway 95 south near the city’s landfill facility has been the site of at least three crashes including two Friday morning.

A rollover shortly before 8 a.m. injured a man, the driver, but he refused to be transported.

After the LVN visited the location and left, an 18-wheeler skidded into two Nevada Highway Patrol vehicles that had been parked along the highway just east of he rollover. NHP said one cruiser is totaled, and the other suffered substantial damage.

No one was hurt.

Down the highway near CH1, the NHP responded to a single-vehicle rollover. No one was injured.

At least two crashes were reported in the same vicinity Thursday night.

There are no road controls, but Highway 95 South is icy in spots, especially over the small passes.

NHP, which has been busy in Northern Nevada with weather-related crashes and motorist assists, is compiling information on the crashes.