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Historic B-25 bomber visiting Carson City Airport

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A historic B-25 Bomber will be parked in front of the Carson City Airport’s terminal building Sept. 14-16.

The historic B-25 “Mitchell,” named “Executive Sweet,” will be offering 30-minute rides to individuals who want to experience what it was like to fly in this historic war bird.

Passengers will have full access to the aircraft including the opportunity to sit in the front and rear gun turrets. The aircraft can hold six passengers per flight. While on the ground, the public will be able to inspect the interior and exterior.

On a historic note, the B-25J is the type of aircraft flown by Jimmy Doolittle on the historic “surprise” mission over Japan in April of 1942. Doolittle earned the Medal of Honor for his valor and leadership as commander of the Doolittle Raid. The raid caused negligible damage to Japan, but it succeeded in its goal of helping American morale just four months after Pearl Harbor and casting doubt in Japan on the ability of the Japanese military leaders. Residents of the area who might have actually been a crew member on a B-25J are given the honor of signing the ship’s bomb bay doors.

Executive Sweet was built in Kansas City in 1944 as a B-25J. It saw extensive stateside service throughout the war as a crew trainer. It was acquired by Hollywood’s Filmways Studios in 1968 where it became the lead “on camera” aircraft named “Vestal Virgin” in the film “Catch-22.” It has appeared in a dozen major films and numerous TV shows and commercials.

Additionally, the aircraft has been armed with 13 authentic .50 caliber machine guns, a “Norden” bombsight, operable bomb bay, insignia and interior detailing down to crash axes and a crew intercom system.

The American Aeronautical Foundation, a Camarillo, Calif., nonprofit founded to preserve the World War II aviation legacy, owns Executive Sweet. All crew members are volunteers, and all of the money raised on rides goes directly back into the B-25’s air worthiness.

The public can arrive at the airport terminal around 9 a.m. Wednesday through Friday. The aircraft’s visit will end Friday afternoon when it departs for Truckee Airport, where it will be giving rides Sept. 17-18.

The tax deductible flights cost $425. To make reservations in advance, call Sandy at 805-377-2106.

For more information, go to AAFGroup.org.