How to create family fun using technology |

How to create family fun using technology

Spending time with the family has added technology for those fun evenings.
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From long weekends to birthdays to rainy days in the house, family time together is what you make of it. Now more than ever, technology can help us get creative with how to make time with family more meaningful, and then help us capture all the fun so the memories last far longer than just a moment.

Here are a few ways to use technology to power some family fun with your loved ones.

Make Things to Share

Interactive computers such as Sprout by HP are recreating what it means to make things by merging the physical and digital worlds. Sprout is what HP calls an Immersive Computer; it comes with a touch screen, touch mat, overhead projector, HD camera and 3D scanner.

With Sprout, you can grab items from the real world — like your child’s birthday cake or lunchbox — and easily scan them into the device. There are several different free apps available that can help you create, learn, interact and share.

Do-It-Yourself Decorating

If you’re in the mood to get crafty with the family, you can make non-traditional items such as party favors out of leftover sprinkles from birthday cakes you bake for loved ones. blogger, Joanna Hawley, doesn’t throw away leftover ingredients; instead she recycles them for a decorating project. Take her lead by throwing some sprinkles on the touch mat to scan, print and cut the images into your favorite shape. Then, tie each piece to ribbon and voila, festive party favors to hang on the wall for any birthday party!

Beat Rainy Day Boredom

Spending time at home can be a nostalgic, cheerful experience. But between baking cookies together and watching movies, there are bound to be stretches of free time — especially for the kids. Borrow a few tips from blogger, Beau Coffron, who uses creative boredom busters to keep the kids busy! Like Beau and his family, you can explore apps like Crayola DJ to brighten up a rainy day. The kids will love interacting with the projected turnstiles on the touch mat to show off their musical skills.

Direct a Family Video

Give the traditional family video a new twist by recording quirky moments and piecing them together on apps like Video Capture. Lunchbox Dad likes the eye-catching DreamWorks Story Producer app that lets you create and direct your own How to Train Your Dragon animated film. You can even choose the difficulty level. Try challenging the family to see who can get the fastest time!

Don’t Forget To Share

When used imaginatively, technology can unite the family to inspire new, meaningful traditions.

Celebrate your creations on social media by sharing the hashtag #GoMakeThings and see what others have created with their families!