Input sought as county updates master plan |

Input sought as county updates master plan

Churchill County
The cover of the current Churchill County Master Plan, in the process of being updating over the next year.
Churchill County

Every five years, Churchill County reviews its master plan and seeks public input on the plan’s various chapters as part of the updating process. The current plan, adopted in 2015, is currently in the review process and monthly meetings will be held over the next year with opportunities for public input at each meeting.

Local government is required by Nevada Revised Statutes to create, update and maintain a master plan as the basis for its physical development. Essentially, the master plan is a long-term planning document about understanding the future consequences of today’s decisions and provides vision for where the county wants to go in terms of growth and development.

“The master plan gives the county and its residents a vision for the future and offers the public an opportunity for input to help us develop that vision,” explained Michael Johnson, Churchill County planning director.

The public is invited to any of these meetings, which will be held on the following dates in the Churchill County Administration Building, 155 N. Taylor St., Room 102 at 6:30 p.m. Each public meeting will focus on one or two chapters per meeting. Please consider attending those meetings for topics that most interest you:

Sept. 24 — Review Chapter One (introduction)

Oct. 22 — Review Chapter 2 (population, housing and education)

Nov. 26 — Review Chapters 3-6 (conservation and natural resources, hazards and hazard mitigation, historical data and preservation, economic development)

No meetings in December and January due to the holidays.

Beginning in February 2020, each meeting will not only review new chapters, but finalize the comments received from previously-reviewed chapters:

Feb. 25 — Review Chapters 7 (recreation) and 8 (transportation) and finalize Chapters 1 and 2.

March 24 — Review chapter 9 (public services and facilities) and finalize Chapters 3 through 6.

April 28 — Review Chapter 10 (open space) and 11 (land use) and finalize Chapters 7 and 8.

May 26 — Review Chapter 12 (policy plan for public lands) and finalize Chapter 9.

June 23 — Review Appendix A (specific historical sites) and finalize Chapters 10 through 12.

July 28 — Final review of all chapters and everything to be included in the 2020 Master Plan.

Aug. 12 — First hearing on the master plan before the Planning Commission.

Sept. 9 — Final approval of the master plan before the Planning Commission.

Oct. 1 and/or 20 — Presentation of 2020 Master Plan to Board of Commissioners for their approval.

Contact the planning department at 775-423-7627 if you have any questions or want to provide written input on any aspect of the master plan.