IRS offers filing tips |

IRS offers filing tips

Internal Revenue Service

With millions of taxpayers getting ready to file, the Internal Revenue Service today reminded taxpayers they can take advantage of daily tax tips, e-news subscriptions and e-mail subscription services.

More than 670,000 people are getting useful, one-page IRS Tax Tips sent to their email inbox this tax season through a free subscription service available on One Tax Tip is being sent each business day through the April 15 tax deadline, offering single-topic briefs on tax subjects affecting millions of people.

The easy-to-read tips cover a wide range of topics to help people with the 2015 tax filing season. Many tips offer information on money-saving tax credits and deductions that can be easy to overlook and could affect your refund. IRS Tax Tips are also available in Spanish for this Filing Season.

Topics for 2015 include:

Beware of filing season tax scams and phone scams.

Fastest and safest way to get your refund

Child tax credit

Education tax credits

Home office deduction

Tax-time errors to avoid

IRS Free File

Helpful tips for paying your taxes

Top 10 tips

Tax help ‘en Español’

In addition to the various filing season tips, the IRS issues Health Care Tax Tips to help taxpayers understand the new tax provisions included in the health care law. Special Edition Tax Tips cover important new topics of interest to the public. To view the IRS Tax Tips online, visit the News section of or type “Tax Tips” into the search box.

Taxpayers can receive IRS Tax Tips automatically each day via email by signing up for a free service on From the Subscriptions link on the top right of the IRS website, choose “IRS Tax Tips” on the drop-down menu, and then click on “Subscribe.” Click on “more” to subscribe to the IRS Tax Tips in Spanish.

The IRS also has a number of other e-subscriptions to which taxpayers, tax professionals and others may subscribe to receive tax information.