Is a change in the wind? |

Is a change in the wind?

Ladies and gentlemen, here is some news. Recently, the group FreedomWorks conducted a survey of registered Republicans and independent-leaning respondents. The survey shows that members of those two groups are increasingly aligning with traditional libertarian views on limited government.

The person who ran the poll was “shocked” at the results. I am not. I have felt for some time that there is a growing but unspoken concern about the path our country is on. I find these results heartening, and if the poll were expanded, I suspect results would not change much.

It might be because people are tired of the current administration touring the world at several million dollars per trip to apologize for our success. It is possible that they are put out by the weakness shown in foreign affairs until the President gets his ego bruised by Russian President Putin. Then he wants to bomb someone, even if the enemy is not clear, the objective is not defined and it might set off a world war. Oh, and no one seems to know which terrorist group, Al Qaeda or Hezbollah, we will back in the action.

It could be that they are growing weary of politicians from both parties being unable to pass a budget, this being despite spending nearly $1 trillion annually more than is collected and adding nearly $5 trillion to the national debt in as many years. It might be the uncompromising attitudes opposing cutting spending on government largesse and loading disaster relief bills with pet pork in amounts exceeding the original bill.

Take Obamacare, for example. National polling consistently shows this law to be extremely unpopular. Yet, only a handful of federal legislators are actively opposing this law in any meaningful manner.

There is a strong chance that people would simply like to have a job. Unemployment is supposedly going down if you believe the monthly report. The labor participation rate belies that since it is at a 60 year low. Also, part time is the new full time.

It might be as simple as that after being elected, politicians of both parties forget to listen to their constituents and become enamored, instead, with the Washington power trip. You know, the life where you are catered to by untold hordes of lobbyists, have private dining rooms, barbers and your own bank and fly all over the world at other peoples’ expense.

Maybe they are tired of having Christian religions constantly denigrated by removing any hint of Christianity in public buildings and public schools through complaints, lawsuits, and threats thereof while Muslim religious leaders are welcomed in the name of “diversity.” Perhaps having a “Common Core” curriculum in public school forced upon their children is becoming a concern.

Perhaps they are tired of having more and more regulations forced upon them though fiat legislation and executive orders. Maybe farmers are tired of having the EPA use drones to monitor their activity. Government agencies of all types regularly exceed their authority, and then dare you to call them on it. Young people who use smart phones, tablets and the like on a regular basis are starting to become concerned about privacy. Older people like me have been worried about constant intrusions in their lives for some time.

Then again, they could be tiring of a liberal press that only covers stories that serve their agenda or personal beliefs. Those are the ones who provide constant cover for Obama. Along with that, they may be tiring of a liberal Hollywood that chooses to constantly bombard us with R rated violence and near pornography at every turn, and then publicize their personal “crises” brought about by the same lifestyle.

People could be tired of constant assaults on the Constitution, not only the left’s favorite whipping post but also the Second Amendment, but the Fourth, Ninth, and Tenth as well.

Whatever the reason, I welcome the result. The time may have come for true conservatives who stand by their beliefs, the likes of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Maybe “second tier” conservatives like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio will become emboldened and follow suit. The Republican Party would do well to heed the results of this poll and change their “Democrat-lite” stance.

It is time for us to stand behind those who stand up for their beliefs and oust those who don’t. If this poll is at all accurate, then there could truly be a change in the wind. I for one am ready.

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