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Let me be the person my dog thinks I am

Kathleen Williams-Miller
Pinky, a cute one-year-old Lab mix, is full of energy and loves to play. She enjoys water, treats and walks. Pinky would like a home where she will be petted and cared for. Come out and meet her; she will make you smile!

I recently thought about my relationship with Watson, the most adorable dog in the universe, and realized that he thinks I’m perfect except when I sleep in. I’m sure anyone who has ever had a dog is aware that their dog adores them. I only hope to live up to his expectations. When I observe dogs and the way they behave to other dogs, I think humans can learn a lot about how to behave civilly in an increasingly rude world.

Dogs have understood rules for play behavior. Because dogs are pack animals, they must learn the rules or be expelled from the pack. They follow four rules to maintain harmony.

Communicate clearly: Dogs bow to each other by crouching on their front legs while standing on their hind legs. This is known as the play bow, and it indicates that the dog wants to romp.

Mind your manners: Animals consider their play partners’ abilities and engage in self-handicapping and role reversing to create and maintain equal footing. This is easy to see when an adult dog is playing with a pup or a big dog with a tiny one. The dominant dog will take turns letting the other dog win.

Admit when you are wrong: When a dog misbehaves, he apologizes. After an intense bite, he bows sending the message, “Sorry I bit you so hard, I was just playing, I’ll play fair.”

Be honest: Apologies must be sincere. If a dog continues to play unfairly, they will be ostracized. This has grave consequences as an individual alone in the wild will perish quickly.

If humans would communicate clearly, mind their manners, admit when they are wrong and be honest, we could become the person that our dogs think we are.


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