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Letter from the Queen

2018 Cantaloupe Festival Queen Kelli Kelly visited Mayor Ken Tedford earlier in August to deliver a Royal Proclamation.
Photo: Steve Ranson

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2018 Cantaloupe Festival & Country Fair, the annual celebration of the Cantaloupe Kingdom!

It is amazing that, at one point in our shared history, Churchill County farmers grew most of the cantaloupes available in the United States. Whether you prefer a Sarah’s Choice, a Sugar Cube, an Ambrosia, or Fallon’s famous Heart of Gold, our Lahontan Valley farmers continue to grow the best melons in the world!

The festival committee and director have worked diligently throughout the last year to provide a fun-filled, family-friendly festival where you can create enduring memories and their work has paid off!

Whether you venture through the agricultural exhibits featuring local 4H and Grange students, put on your dancing shoes and cut a rug during the musical performances over the weekend, or sample the wide array of tasty treats featuring Fallon melons — you are guaranteed to have an amazing time!

Stop by the multi-purpose building for the classic country fair experience — local quilters, canners, gardeners, artists, bakers, and more all competing for a blue ribbon and “Best in Show” status! Most importantly, visit the Cantaloupe Corral to meet the farmers who grow the world’s best melons.

We truly hope that you have an amazing time celebrating the rich agricultural heritage of the Lahontan Valley. And remember: Cantaloupes are the best melons, and Fallon Farmers grow the best Cantaloupes!

Warmest Regards,

Kelli Kelly

Queen of the Cantaloupe Kingdom