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Rural area votes are being suppressed


Clark and Washoe counties sabotage rural county votes. Rural Nevada votes can change an entire election. When Kerry ran against Bush, all the news networks called Nevada for Kerry, until the rural votes came in. It can work the other political way as well.

Bring our primary back! Or at least our primary hours (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) for rural counties. We do our own volunteer work — saving the state big money, and yet we have no control over our own caucuses!

Many of us in rural counties work hours away in health care and law enforcement and can’t travel or leave our jobs during a 2-3 hour window to caucus in our precinct. Some in Northern Nevada must travel farther during weather conditions at night. Aren’t these citizens’ votes valuable?

Please, if rural counties have to use their own money and volunteer their own time, we are best suited to decide the best day, and the length of the voting window for our residents. It should not even be a decision Vegas and Reno should make for us. It should be our call. It’s a disgrace.

Perhaps a lawsuit should be filed since rural area votes are being suppressed. And I have to admit, it looks fishy to me. Why would the big cities want to suppress the voters of any Nevadan?

Susan Harrison


Mental health testing for all


I came across a very interesting article at Liberty Headlines, written by Alex Newman, which states the Feds are trying to force all adults and children to be subjected to mental health testing.

Really? For what purpose? It goes along with Hitler’s control of the people!

My opinion is: if it becomes law, then Obama, all of Congress, the Supreme Court, (who thinks it has the power to change the Natural Law designed by God, who created it and everything else that exists, including those mentally challenged), and all government workers be the first ones to comply … in that order!

Mary Santomauro


Cutting WNC sports programs is mistake


We so agree with your statement, Mr. Harvey, concerning the athletic program at Western Nevada College.

My wife and I were at the WNC game on the weekend of Feb. 13-14 watching our grandson play for the Wildcats. Off to our left sat five young boys around 12 years of age, all wearing brand new Wildcats caps, watching their heroes playing ball, and most likely dreaming of someday playing on the Harvey Field themselves.

On top of the seating area you, Mr. President of the institution, stood watching the game. Little did the small boys realize by your vote their dreams are smashed. They will never play upon the field of their dreams, nor will they attend your institution of learning. They will go where they can play ball. It is so sad that even though monies necessary to carry the program into the future were gathered, you decided to scrap it.

There has been a lot of effort and money expended to achieve what has been accomplished at WNC in making the wonderful Harvey Field and building the reputation earned by Coach Whittemore and his players over the years.

So sad to see it end. Or does it really have to?

Tom and Volina Connolly

Carson City