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Letters offer you to sound off

In addition to providing community news and features, a newspaper also serves as a voice for the community through editorials, columns and letters to the editor.

A year ago, we published an editorial asking our readers to be heard and write a letter to the editor. On several occasions, frequent letter writers have challenged the community to be heard, causing one writer to wonder why the Nevada Appeal and Record Courier in Gardnerville-Minden have more input on their opinion pages.

Not too long ago, one of our letter writers encouraged members of the community to write a letter to the editor to share their feelings or to comment on a particular topic of interest such as Common Core. In his letter, he found it disheartening that more people do not write a letter to express their feelings.

Our editorials have ranged from taking the Bureau of Land Management to task for wanting luxurious accommodations at Burning Man to how a government board handles business to congratulating an organization or person for a job well done.

On many occasions, editorials arouse interest and discussion, especially from differing viewpoints. We definitely don’t live in a community where there is just one viewpoint.

Previous editorials have caused reaction. We know because people — for one reason or another — call us to complain or threaten to stop their newspaper subscription. Although a phone call gives us an idea on the editorial’s reach, we would love to hear from our readers. A free forum for civil expression in a democratic society is important.

Likewise, a letter to the editor is another forum to allow readers to express their viewpoints on a wide range of topics.

Not too long ago, we had a reader send in several emails complaining about Ann Coulter and her columns. She preferred to bash the newspaper with vitriol, yet this reader did not indicate she wanted these emails published as a letter to the editor. It would have been good for community discussion.

Likewise, we wonder why people in a military town are silent on the major personnel reductions of the Army or cuts afferting programs.

The LVN has consistently published ways for readers to send us letters to the editor.

When sending a letter, ensure the content is accurate and fair-minded. The First Amendment does not offer protection for libel.

We have three letters in today’s issue, but we hope to see more. Send your letters (maximum of 300 words) to letters@lahontanvalleynews.com and include your name and phone number.

Editorials written by the LVN Editorial Board appear on Wednesdays.