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Letters to the Editor



I’m writing in reference to Jeanette Strong’s column “Donald Trump and Peter Pan.”

I have recently started taking the Lahontan newspaper and once again I am disappointed at small town mentality. Ms Strong’s opinions reflect the intellect of why this country has become so corrupt. I am a senior and love my country and have watched the corruption of both the Democrat and Republican parties. Maybe Trump is not the best option to be our president ,but he is not caught up with the Politician’s deceit and the stealing of American’s money.

We as a people are being taxed to death while the Politicians become wealthier. Now Obama is asking to add an 18 percent raise to his retiring income and the other politicians. The only thing that has been accomplished in eight years is higher taxes and hidden designs. I personally do not see our country getting stronger at this time. In my opinion, we need to have a strong leader, a strong military, and less corruption!

Stop being so judgmental of Trump and do your homework. Our current politicians are far worse then Trump and right now they have the power of all the TV news networks, newspapers etc. and will attempt to make us believe anything they desire. Maybe Trump is our wisest choice. God Bless America!

Susan Koch




The saying “drunk with power” has great relevance to our mayoral election right here in our fair city.

I believe that when somebody has been in elective office too long, it can lead to the belief that only he can see a project through to the end. Maybe a new set of eyes can enhance or even make changes to improve the project or even downsize it! With each term in office, more and more power is amassed and soon it gets harder to step down from office.

Power is intoxicating to the point where more power is never enough. This can lead to where the power itself can be corrupting! Running for a third term is overkill and dangerous.

Time to turn over the reins to another somebody else.

Alicia KittESs

Carson City



I was privileged to step into the box on January 27, 2006 as the first batter ever in a Western Nevada baseball uniform. I was the center fielder for the Wildcats that season, and some of my very fondest baseball memories occurred as part of that team.

I’ll never forget the friendships and amazing games from that season, nor will I forget what an outstanding coach and mentor D.J. Whittemore was for all of us. He had rules that were real and that applied to everyone; if you broke a team policy (even something like missing a class) you were penalized, and some very good players were sent packing. Coach Whittemore sent an immediate message that we were serious and you had to take care of business.

But most of all, D.J. and all of his assistant coaches were positive and affirmed the good things you did while using constructive criticism for the mistakes, under which players flourished.

I had other excellent coaches in that regard along the way in my baseball years (Coach McNutt at Carson High School, Coach Kuster with the Sun Devils, and Coach Konopisos with the Reno Astros come to mind), but Coach Whittemore develops special bonds with his players. Even after I moved onto the University Nevada Reno, I would hear from Coach Whittemore from time-to-time to see how things were going.

It’s a shame that Western Nevada has to drop its sports programs, and I sincerely hope that things work out in the future so that Coach Whittemore can be the baseball coach at Nevada or somewhere else that would benefit from his character and abilities.

Winning the Scenic West Conference in our first year as a team was incredible and something I will never forget. To Coach Whittemore, Coach Edwards, Coach Demosthenes, Coach Banks, and all of my former teammates, thanks for the memories.

Aaron Henry