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Letters to the editor



David Henley’s May 29 column on the HMS Belfast brought back fond memories.

In 1962, I was serving aboard a minesweeper, USS Inflict, MSO-456, operating out of Pearl Harbor. The Arizona Memorial was dedicated while we were there. Many foreign navies had ships in Pearl at the time. The HMS Belfast was there representing Britain. She was on her way home to be decommissioned. I was taken on a quick tour of the Belfast by some British sailors I had met along with some buddies of mine from the Inflict. We were amazed to see they had a refrigerator full of beer in their living quarters.

Our skipper. LCDR L.E. Denny, was invited to the ceremony because he was there on Dec. 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He was a radioman on a destroyer that was lucky enough to get out undamaged. Thanks again, Dave, for the memories.

Norv Azevedo




Small business is tired of paying more in taxes so the Legislature can give special tax favors to companies that are its flavors of the month.

The same day the Ways and Means Committee passed AB464, the Assembly approved SB170 to give data centers more tax breaks if they hire just 10 Nevadans. This is in addition to the over $1 billion dollars in tax breaks the Legislature approved for Tesla to create just 6,500 jobs over the next 10 years. In 2012 alone, small businesses created an amazing 15,168 jobs for Nevadans—without asking for any tax abatements or credits.“I am deeply disappointed with the passage of AB464 that not only increases the business license fee and the payroll tax, but also creates a new tax on general businesses in Nevada. At a time when Nevada is trying to diversify and grow its lagging economy by attracting non-gaming businesses, the Legislature is seriously considering creating a new tax on non-gaming businesses. This tax policy seems to be at total odds with our state’s economic development policy and will only serve to discourage businesses from locating and expanding in Nevada.”

Randi Thompson

Nevada state director

National Federation of Independent Business,



How many times have we heard the following statement in Nevada — “Don’t tell me what they do in California?”

Because a significant portion of Nevada’s population transplanted from California, there is much knowledge regarding the Golden State’s practices.

One such fact is the cost of automobile licensing. Nevada is higher than California’s! So, what do we Nevadans get for this premium? The DMV wants to add a dollar to our fees to cover technical upgrading!

If there was ever a department of government that is overly funded, it is DMV. Can we please get serious?

Joseph B. Allegretti

Carson City



I agree with Barbara Bush — Jeb Bush should not run!

According to Jeb Bush, illegal immigrants are superior to American entrepreneurs and workers in every way. Latin American countries must be great utopias. I do agree that they come here out of love. Drug cartels, Mexican Mafia, MS-13 and other gangs come here for love of American money.

Jeb Bush’s views on Common Core, deportation, border control and amnesty are the same as the current administration.

On the other hand, there’s Hillary Clinton. Hillary is well known for shady transactions and inability to be truthful.

Out of hundreds of millions of people, the only choices are another Bush or Clinton?

There has to be better choices!

J.L. Renner