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Letters to the Editor

Millennial Support for Ted Cruz

It is critical that, as we approach the Nevada Caucuses, we think critically about the direction we want our country to go. The United States of America is the greatest country that has ever existed. Not because of the work of one man or one party, but rather our greatness has found its origin in our principles and in the spirit of the American people.

We see corruption and dishonesty in the politicians that go to Washington who promise they will stand on principle, then capitulate to the ways of Washington. We see crushing debt with no end in sight. We see radical Islamic terrorism growing faster than ever imagined, and a president who refuses to even acknowledge the problem. We see our liberties drifting into the pages of history and we are told that they are simply antiquated ideologies.

We have before us the opportunity to elect someone who can start the work of correcting the course of our nation based on principles. I believe that Ted Cruz is that person. Ted Cruz has been a consistent conservative throughout his entire life. While in the United States Senate, Ted Cruz has consistently stood on principle and made good on the promises he made to his constituents; a rare quality.

As a millennial and a college student, I recognize the fact that I, and my peers, will be the ones who will live with the consequences of the decisions that are made today. Unless we change the direction we are heading, the consequences may be more than we can handle. That is why I will be, and I am asking you, to show up at your caucus location on Tuesday and vote for Ted Cruz.

Stephen Wood

Millennial State Director,

Ted Cruz for President