Where do you work and what do you do there?

One-year-old printing, marketing, and consulting business Lumegent.

How many women are employed there?

20 out of 26 employees are female.

What inspiring advice would you give to the next generation of women in business?

Lumegent Chief Financial Officer Brook Allen said she thinks bringing together different ideas and perspectives is the only way to have a balanced relationship — and that business is no different. Chief Communications Officer Jill Thompson added:

“To the women leaders of the future, keep an open mind. You may have a preconceived notion of what a leader looks like, but that’s just because no one has seen you as a leader yet. There are already enough preconceived notions of what a female leader looks like. Find your strengths, know your weaknesses, and surround yourself with people that emphasize both. The self-confidence this brings is contagious.”

Is there anything else about being a Woman in Business that you would like to share?

All of us at Lumegent thank the women of Fallon and beyond for the sacrifices they make and the drive they possess to make an impact in the world every day. You inspire us all.