Lyfting spirits: local athlete debuts community program |

Lyfting spirits: local athlete debuts community program

Local athlete Emmily Butz is serving coffee out of her dream mobile cafe, Lyft Coffee, and is promoting a pay-it-forward program to the community.
Emmily Butz/Courtesy

How to Lyft it forward:

Call owner Emmily Butz at (831)241-0946.

Let her know which business you’d like to gift a coffee run to and she will schedule it with your payment.

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It was just a few months ago Fallon watched local Emmily Butz compete against cross fit athletes from across the country on national television.

Although it was a close win for her to receive the $10,000 prize, Butz still made her dream come true when she returned home to Fallon: to open up her shiny, retro mobile cafe, Lyft Coffee.

Only a month in business, Butz also is keeping busy with her new program for the community: Lyft It Forward.

“A local business contacted me about starting a pay-it-forward sort of program with my coffee,” Butz said. “I loved the idea so I ran with it.”

The way works is anybody within the local community can call Butz at Lyft Coffee and choose a business to make an act of kindness—with coffee—and deliver it.

The person who calls and refers a business pays Lyft Coffee with cash or credit to charge, and set a date an time for delivery.

To launch the program, Butz teamed up with the local business that inspired her, Red Door Salon, located on West Williams Avenue. They made their first stop with the program at Financial Horizons, on Reno Highway in March.

Two other local businesses, Churchill County Credit Union, and Chandler and Coleman Salon, also contributed to the program.

Butz said she plans to donate 20 percent of profits and tips to animal shelters in need once a month, as eventually, she wants to open her own animal rescue house.

“I kind of coin the term ‘spread the good,’” she said. “Contribute to other people’s happiness.”

Since opening March 6, Butz serves coffee seven days a week from mobile shop to local business offices, sports and events, and to one school per day.

She even keeps her coffee beans regional, from Old World Coffee, a Reno-based company.

But people don’t have to find her at a school or event to get their fix of caffeine; Lyft Coffee’s scheduled stops is available through an app called Roaming Hunger.