Lyon County doctor runs for Assembly |

Lyon County doctor runs for Assembly

Special to the LVN

Lyon County physician Dr. Robin Titus, a Republican, has announced plans to file for the Assembly District 38 seat in the Nevada Legislature.

That seat (Lyon and Churchill counties) has been held for 12 years by Tom Grady, who is term-limited-out and will not seek re-election.

“I have been asked to run before,” said Titus. “This is the right time and this is a position that I have been planning to seek for a long time.”

Titus said she has a passion for serving in the Assembly.

“I have been a registered Republican since before it was popular to be a Republican and the economic philosophy falls more in line with my own,” she said. “You help people by giving back which is what I have always done. Lyon County helped me with three years of medical school expenses and I returned here to give back; and 30 years later I am still here.

“Absolutely, I believe in helping people, but people are so dependent on government now and some people don’t know how to support themselves anymore. I’m frightened our society is becoming so dependent on government instead of doing things for ourselves.”

Titus uses Nevada’s economy as an example of “putting all its eggs in one basket” when the recession hit, helping to rank the Silver State at the top of national unemployment and foreclosure statistics.

“The economic value of Lyon County and Churchill County is not respected in this state. As a rural person, I think I can help them have a strong voice,” she said. “We bring ‘real money’ — the ranchers, farmers, miners — that does not receive the respect we’d like to have.”