Lyon County Republicans to hold precinct/caucus meetings |

Lyon County Republicans to hold precinct/caucus meetings

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The Fernley Republican Women held their annual Christmas/Installation Dinner on Dec. 17. District Court Judge Leon Aberasturi, second from right, administered the Oath of Office to the incoming officers. From left are Treasurer Peggy Gray, Secretary Charlene Shannon, 2nd Vice President Linda Carr, 1st Vice President Carol Franich, Aberaturi and President Anita Trone. Fernley Republican Women is a group of women (and men as associate members) who share similar conservative values and ideals, and who are dedicated to increasing the influence and effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through political education and active political participation.

Lyon County 2014 Republican Caucus/Precinct Meeting: How it Works

The Lyon County Republican caucus/precinct meetings will be held Jan. 18 in various locations around the county as indicated below. Even though this is not a presidential election year and there is no preference poll, it is important for all registered Republicans to participate. This is your opportunity to have input at the grassroots level.

Precincts 1–8: County Commissioner Chambers, 27 S. Main, Yerington

Precincts 9-22: Senior Center, 320 Old Dayton Valley Road, Dayton

Precincts 23–40: Senior Center, 2045 Ft. Churchill, Silver Springs

All caucus participants must be registered as a Republican. When you arrive, you must show state or federal government issued photo identification at check in. Participants will also be asked to provide their email address so the party can better communicate with its members. Doors will open at 9:00 a.m. and the caucus will begin at 9:30 a.m.

The first order of business will be for members of each precinct to elect a precinct chair and secretary.

If there are any declared candidates for state or local office in attendance, they or one representative may speak on their behalf for two minutes.

Precinct members will then discuss the county platform and its planks (statements in support of or opposition to specific issues). These planks will be submitted to a Platform Committee which will consolidate them and present a proposed platform at the county convention.

Next, precinct members will elect delegates to the Lyon County Republican Convention in Yerington on March 1. State law allows one delegate to the convention for each 50 registered Republicans in that precinct, with each precinct getting at least one delegate. This is followed by the election of alternate delegates to the convention.

Finally, each precinct will then nominate members to the county GOP central committee. State law allows one member of the county central committee for every 50 registered Republicans in that precinct with each precinct allowed at least one representative.

If you have other questions about the caucus, check out the Lyon County Republican Central Committee website at or call Peggy at 775-575-4058.