Military funeral planned for 15 vets |

Military funeral planned for 15 vets

Staff Report
Members of the Nevada Veterans Coalition take part in a monthly ceremony to honor veterans whose remains remain unclaimed.
Steve Ranson / LVN

The Nevada Veterans Coalition will conduct its 15th mission at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery at 2 p.m. Friday by honoring 15 veterans whose remains have been in the care of a local mortuary, yet remained unclaimed.

Services will be conducted with full military honors at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery, 14 Veterans Way, in Fernley.

The following veterans include the following:

Joseph Gaines (1943-1980), U.S. Air Force, Nov. 1960-Oct. 1964

Albert Gawenit (1914-1981), U.S. Army, July 1942-Jan. 1946, WWII

Chester Geil (1911-1977), U.S. Army, Jan. 1944-Dec. 1945, WWII

Joshua Gillette (1917-1987), U.S. Army, June 1942-Dec. 1945, WWII

Carl Grim (1912-1986), U.S. Army, Dec. 1941-Oct. 1945, WWII

George Griswold (1921-1986), U.S. Army, Feb. 1943-April 1946, WWII

Robert Gurney (1914-1983), U.S. Army, April 1944-Nov. 1945, WWII

Lee Guyse (1907-1985), U.S. Army, May 1941-Dec. 1945, WWII

Frank Hall (1920-1988), U.S. Navy, Dec. 1939-March 1946, WWII

Jack Herrmann (1923-1979), U.S. Army, May 1943-May 1946, WWII

William Hibbett (1923-1984), U.S. Navy, July 1943-March 1946, WWII

Peter Holahan (1912-1979), U.S. Army, Aug. 1943-April 1945, WWII

Edward Huber (1920-1984), U.S. Navy, July 1944-Feb. 1946, WWII

Richard Keefer (1928-1981), U.S. Navy, Jan. 1946-Sept. 1947, Korea

William Knapp (1928-1985), U.S. Navy, Oct. 1945-July 1946, WWII