Mock cordon, searches highlight units Fallon training |

Mock cordon, searches highlight units Fallon training

Spc. Timothy Ortiz
Recruiting and Retention Battalion

Soldiers in the Nevada Army Guard’s Recruiting and Retention Battalion practiced squad-level Army Warrior Tasks during annual training in Fallon.

The battalion recently wrapped up its annual training with the successful completion of its requisite individual-, squad-, and platoon-level Army Warrior Tasks. The battalion also emphasized basic leadership techniques during its annual training.

Training events included throwing grenades, breaching obstacles, identifying improvised explosive devices, developing an operation order development, conducting a cordon and search, and mounting and dismounting a helicopter.

The challenging and intense training prepared the battalion’s soldiers for the culminating event of annual training: the cordon of a mock village and subsequent search for simulated “High Value Target” suspects.

The exercise began with an air insertion of battalion Soldiers via a Chinook helicopter. After insertion, Soldiers continued marched to the training area and two iterations of the mock cordon and search were completed.

Mock cordon, search highlights Recruiting and Retention Battalion’s annual training