More thoughts on Trump, Clinton |

More thoughts on Trump, Clinton

It seems my comments about scandal lacking around Donald Trump set some liberals on edge. It was pointed out a lot that Trump has been sued several times and used bankruptcy laws as well. That is true, but the liberals seem to exhibit their basic lack of understanding of the business world. Being sued multiple times is no more indication of guilt than not being indicted indicates innocence.

It is true that Trump businesses have been sued numerous times. There is nothing like success to bring out the “something for nothing” crowd. Any decision to settle a lawsuit, regardless of its merit, is predicated mainly on the cost to settle as opposed to the cost to defend it. Also, too often it is an insurance company and not the business owner that makes the decision.

Also cited is Trump’s numerous bankruptcies. First, he has never filed personal bankruptcy. The filings have always been for business reorganization. He is using bankruptcy law as it was intended. It is no different than Hillary Clinton using IRS laws to avoid taxes via the Clinton Foundation. The difference is she appears to have ignored reporting laws afterword.

It is true that his chosen business is intensely competitive. I am not saying that he is absolutely clear of any wrongdoing, intentional or otherwise. However, he does not have a history of lies or deceit. He does not, for example, have a cloud over him for possibly selling American uranium and other resources to Russia.

Clinton presents a completely different persona. She publicly presents a demeanor that is unlikeable. What else can it be when Trump rallies bring thousands while hers bring hundreds? There are several pundits who have noted that her polls drop when she goes out into the public.

Her supporters are hard pressed to cite her accomplishments. She graduated from Yale, but so have thousands of others. She was appointed to committees but no one ever cites accomplishments there. She has “assisted” and “supported” various causes and legislation. What was supposed to be her landmark accomplishment, universal health care during her husband’s reign, failed miserably.

So what has she actually accomplished? She has managed to get six figure speaking fees for undisclosed messages. Her Libyan intervention plan as Secretary of State resulted in the Benghazi compound attack that resulted in four deaths, including an ambassador. That event haunts her today. Email evidence now even suggests that she rigged the questions that were asked during the subsequent hearing.

Clinton has repeatedly stated that she is healthy. This statement is in direct contravention to numerous videos showing her having seizures, stumbling, and near falls recently. These are culminated by last Sunday’s video that shows her in almost complete collapse and being dragged into a waiting vehicle. It was announced that has pneumonia. Yet two hours later she appeared completely healthy. I want some of whatever wonder drug she was given.

Numerous doctors have stated that the symptoms they observed on Sunday and before are not consistent with pneumonia. They are more consistent with head injury. In fact, a poll of doctors, who are essentially scientists, was made regarding her health. About 71 percent of the respondents said her health was an issue severe enough that she should not be running for president. That is a concurrence of scientists. Using the standard for climate change of a concurrence of scientists, she should bow out.

In the course of Hillary’s investigation by the FBI, they reported a tie between her memory lapses and her prior concussion. She reportedly could not remember key details of her own government briefings. This is from the FBI’s released investigation notes. It is either true, or another Hillary lie to cover her rear.

Hillary Clinton has rather neatly boxed herself in. She is either lying to the American public about her health, or she lied to the FBI to avoid prosecution on misuse of classified emails, or she is as dumb as a box of rocks. Whatever the reason, is this someone you want as a leader? Or as she once used as a campaign issue, is this someone whose hand you want on the nuclear button?

Hillary Clinton apparently feels she is entitled to the Presidency. Her toadies apparently feel the same way. After all, that upstart half-breed took it away from her last time. As for me, while Trump is not the ideal candidate, he is the only logical choice left. “Trump for President, Hillary for jail.”

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