Murder mystery with a K-9 touch |

Murder mystery with a K-9 touch

Steve Ranson
Steve Fraker, left, and Michael Peters rehearse their lines for "Sherlock Hounds & the Upper Crust."

A mystery drama wouldn’t be complete without the touch of a super sleuth who has an uncanny ability to sort out the fact from deception.

Such is the case in “Sherlock Hounds & the Upper Crust,” a one-act comedy written especially for the Churchill Animal Protection society by Bob Gabriella. The presentation is Saturday at the Fallon Convention Center, Doors open at 5 p.m., and the Churchill County High School culinary class is catering the event.

Tickets, which are $35 each, remain for this CAPS fundraiser and may be purchased at Mutts, etc., Jeff’s Copy Express, Flower Tree Nursery and 3-Dimension Shipping.

“Sherlock Hounds & the Upper Crust” takes on the case involving the mysterious death of Lassie Reddog Ruther, an eccentric, rich woman who made her fortune with multi-flavored dog treats and conducted mixed-breed dog shows. CAPS’ Executive Director Teresa Summers brings to life (or death) Lassie Reddog Ruther.

Now it is up to Sherlock Hounds to sniff through interviews and clues to discover the real killer.

The cast includes Michal Peters as Sherlock, and as the detective searching through clues, he will lead the audience every step through the investigative process.

David Doll is not only directing the play but is also portraying financially strapped Clifford T. Reddog, Lassie’s son.

Lassie’s “special: younger husband is Rex Ruther, portrayed by local thespian Ben Casad.

Diane Peterson plays Katherine “Kitty” Garfield. Those who know her say she has too many cat toys in her attic. Her true love, though, chose Lassie over her.

Odie Rintinitious III played by Steve Fraker is president of Timmisdon and Thewell, the elite, purebred dog show. He fears Lassie’s dog shows will drive him out of business.

Megan Salazar plays Sandy, a very smart woman, a scientist and baker who makes the dog treats for Lassie.

Providing the musical accompaniment and sound effects to the one-act mystery is Mike Irby.