Museum Library and Public Library share catalog |

Museum Library and Public Library share catalog

Staff Report

The Churchill County Library has been working to add the Churchill County Museum reference collection into the library catalog. This project is now complete. This means that the public can now view the museum library through the Churchill County Library database. If you are looking for a particular book and are wondering if the museum or the library has a copy, simply search the library catalog.

The project marks a unique partnership in Nevada between a county library and county museum sharing their collections online thereby increasing access to publicly supported collections. Over the last few years, the library and museum and their non-profit associations have worked cooperatively on a variety of programs. This cooperative effort may well serve as a model for other communities.

“While we have different missions, at our core both institutions are dedicated to providing lifelong learning and resources to the public,” said library director Carol Lloyd.

Museum director Dan Ingram described the project as a “great opportunity to cooperate and share resources.”

The library catalog is available 24/7 at Most titles in the library collection can be checked out. Museum titles are available for in-house use only.

Library and museum staff are available to assist during business hours.

The library is located at 553 S. Maine St., and .

The museum is located at 1050 S. Maine St., and

For information, or 775-423-7581.