Music talents receive honor |

Music talents receive honor

Christine Kuklica
Churchill County High School music teacher Tom Fleming directs some of his chior, Minor Details, while practicing the Benjamin Britten Ceremony of Carols for their performance on Dec. 6. Margot Mills plays the piano while Cydne Craig turns the music book pages.


What: The Ceremony of Carols

When: Saturday, 6:30 p.m.; 7 p.m. dinner

Where: St Patrick’s Church Parrish Hall

Cost: Tickets $25 each from the high school

The Churchill County High School choir will be on the fundraising bandwagon for the next several months so they’re able to attend the Music in the Parks at the University of California, Riverside in April.

Music teacher Tom Fleming said it was an honor to be invited to preform at the event.

“This is a great event where skilled high school musical talents get invited to come preform,” Fleming said. “There will be people traveling from all over the country to come to this event. It really is a great opportunity for the kids.”

Fleming said there would be about 85 students on the trip, and each student will have to fund $600 to pay for expenses.

“We have kids from the choir — Minor Details, the concert band and the string orchestra,” Fleming said. “The students deserve to go on the trip. They’ve worked so hard and truly are good at what they do and this event is kind of like a reward for them.”

According to Music in the Parks website, it is an event put on by teachers, who understand the challenges every music educator faces. They have created the best possible festival environment that works teachers and students. Groups that perform with Music in the Parks have a unique opportunity to draw on our 30 plus years of experience listening to their directors and using that input to shape our events.

As fellow music educators, their mission is to bring together students and adjudicators in a positive learning environment that will inspire the students to strive not only for excellence, but to make music a lifelong activity.

Fleming said students would be gone from April 30-May 3 and while they’re in Southern California, he plans to take the students to Disneyland.

Students have started fundraising to help pay for their expenses.

“They have sold coupon books and holiday treats, and Minor Details will soon be preforming the Benjamin Britten Ceremony of Carols,” Fleming said. “The students have been working tremendously hard on learning the songs and making sure they sound perfect. Margot Mills will be playing the piano for the songs. We’re lucky to have her performing as well.”

The Ceremony of Carols will be performed Saturday at the new St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Parish Hall at 6:30 p.m. Not only will audience members be entertained with carols, but they will also have dinner served at 7 p.m. Students’ parents will cook the dinner, and the National Honor Society students will be servers.

“This will be a great dinner and a show,” Fleming said. “Everyone has worked really hard on this, and we’re hoping this will turn into one of the big events that people go to in town every year. The kids will be performing great melody’s from Benjamin Britten’s 1943 carols.”

Tickets can be purchased at the high school for $25. Fleming said when tickets are purchased, seats and tables can be picked at that time. He also said participants are asked to dress nicely.

“Singing these carols wasn’t an easy task for the students,” Fleming said. “The kids really stepped up to learn these carols and to raise awareness on this fundraiser so they’re able to go to the Music in the Parks in April. The kids will make great memories if they’re able to go, they’re invested as well as their parents.”

Fleming said it will be an honor to perform at the Music in the Parks. He said it is recognition from music professionals who see what a great program the school is providing the students and the talent of the students.

“A lot of our students are performing in college and all over the country,” Fleming said. “Our students go on to do great things. They’re gaining experience and creating inspiring life experiences. They’re all going to go off and do great things … it’s great to see them start out locally and help them grow with an amazing talent.”