Napa earthquake offers reminders to West’s earthquake areas |

Napa earthquake offers reminders to West’s earthquake areas

Staff Report
Pedestrians stop to examine a crumbling facade at the Vintner's Collective tasting room in Napa, Calif., after an earthquake on Sunday.

Sunday’s 6.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent aftershocks that have rattled Napa, Calif., is reminding residents in the West of the continual dangers of earthquakes.

Nevada is the third most active state in the United States for earthquake activity.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), 42 states have a reasonable chance of experiencing damaging ground shaking from an earthquake, with 16 states having a relatively high likelihood. The Napa earthquake is a reminder for residents in all the 42 USGS-identified earthquake states to prepare before an earthquake strikes the area.

The nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes offers these tips:

Support ceiling fans and light fixtures using bracing wire secured to a screw eye embedded at least an inch into the ceiling joist.

Anchor the tops of bookcases, file cabinets, and entertainment centers to one or more studs with flexible fasteners.

Secure loose shelving by fastening screws into the cabinet or with museum putty placed at each corner bracket.

Secure china, collectibles, trophies, and other shelf items with museum putty.

Install a lip or blocking device to prevent books or other articles from falling off shelves.

Secure televisions, computers, and stereos with buckles and safety straps that also allow easy removal and relocation.

Install latches on cabinet doors to prevent them from opening and spilling out contents.

Hang mirrors, pictures, and plants using closed hooks to prevent items from falling.

Cover windows with approved shatter-resistant safety film to protect against broken glass.

Ensure appliances have flexible gas or electrical connections.

Strap the top and bottom of a water heater using heavy-gauge metal strapping secured to wall studs.

Locate gas shutoff valve and know how to turn off the gas supply with the use of a specialty wrench.

Relocate flammable liquids to a garage or outside storage location.