Nature-based app to be revealed |

Nature-based app to be revealed

Staff Report

In support of the annual observance of National Wildlife Refuge Week Oct. 9–16, a special public event is planned for Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) on Saturday beginning at 9 a.m. at the Fallon Convention Center. Visitors will be introduced to the new Discover Stillwater app, available for Android, iPhones and tablets, which provides a new and fun way to use modern technology to connect with, learn about and explore the natural wonders of this 80,000 acre refuge.

Discover Nature App (DNA) developers and refuge volunteers will assist the public with app download and tutorial prior to taking the Discover Stillwater trivia tour challenge on the refuge. Snacks and beverages will be available. The group will depart Fallon and head to the refuge in a carpool caravan, with the first stop at the Stillwater Point overlook parking area. Here, DNA and refuge staff will offer a final app check and provide directions for visitors to begin the refuge trivia challenge game on the Foxtail driving tour route.

A check point will be set up at the refuge pavilion, with a device power charging station and staff available to help answer questions or direct visitors to points of interest. The Discover Stillwater challenge concludes at the Tule Trail at noon with prizes awarded to the high scores for those completing the game.

Visitors may also download the free app for Discover Stillwater prior to the event by going to the iTunes or Google Play store. Once you have the app, meet at the Stillwater Point parking area at 10:30am to begin the self-guided nature discovery game.

Evan Hirsche and Sam Serebin, DNA co-founders and app developers, say that once downloaded, this unique app’s game doesn’t require Wi-Fi or a data connection to use, which is often very limited on many of the national wildlife refuges like Stillwater. “The Discover Nature app is an entertaining GPS-location, game-based learning experience for refuge visitors. By using nature trivia and clues to direct their travel on the Foxtail driving tour route, visitors learn about the plants, animals, human history, habitats and more as they discover Stillwater refuge” they stated.

The Discover Stillwater program combines game play, social media and specific refuge GPS locations to create a fun experience that encourages users to observe and analyze what they see, and better understand the refuge’s wildlife conservation mission. The Discover Stillwater app is designed to adapt to the publics’ expanding reliance on smart technology by creating a positive, fun, interactive experience that leverages the devices functionality while requiring users to immerse themselves into the natural surroundings of Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge.

National Wildlife Refuges, managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, have been part of America’s rich natural heritage since 1903, when President Theodore Roosevelt established the first national wildlife refuge on Pelican Island, Florida. Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge Complex, which includes Stillwater, Fallon and Anaho Island NWR, is a proud part of the National Wildlife Refuge System, the nation’s premier public network of lands and water dedicated to habitat and wildlife conservation. The nation’s 563 national wildlife refuges offer visitors unique opportunities to fish, hunt, hike or see and photograph iconic wildlife in its natural setting.

Learn more about conserving our local natural resources by visiting the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge website at To learn more about the Discover Nature app and other refuges where it may be used, visit iTunes or Google Play and look up and download “Discover Nature Apps.”

For more information on the October 15 public event, call Stillwater refuge at 775/423-5128 ext. 228.