Nevada DMV can now register teens for the draft |

Nevada DMV can now register teens for the draft

Capitol Bureau

The Department of Motor Vehicles can now register men for the draft.

Assembly Bill 131 out of the 2015 Legislature was signed into law by Gov. Brian Sandoval. It attempts to fix the problem of men aged 18-26 who are required to register with the Selective Service failing to do so.

Under the bill, any male who’s a citizen or immigrant between those ages can be registered when he applies for a drivers license, ID card, instruction permit, driver authorization card or other permit. Those exempted would have to check a box on the application form indicating they’re not required to register because they already have or because he’s not required to register.

Those who fail to register as required can lose eligibility for student loans, government jobs and, in some states, their driver’s licenses.

It has been 35 years since a registration system replaced the actual draft following the end of the Vietnam War.

The new Nevada law states DMV “shall” forward personal information needed to register the young man to the federal government unless he’s exempt or already registered.

DMV in numerous states already routinely registers young men with the Selective Service.

The registration system is in place in case the federal government ever decides to reinstitute the draft. Women still are not required to register.