New SLO brings ‘positive’ experience to role |

New SLO brings ‘positive’ experience to role

Christine Kuklica
Kristy Loesel
Christine Kuklica/LVN |

Naval Air Station Fallon’s new school liaison officer brings a varied background to her role in working between the base and community.

Kristy Loesel came to Fallon one year ago after her husband transferred to NAS Fallon. She will replace Kim Arthur, who recently resigned.

Loesel attended Gannon University in Erie, Pa., and completed her undergraduate degree in legal studies and English. She obtained a secondary teaching certificate and was offered an opportunity to get her master’s degree in English.

“I readily accepted,” she said. “I also went back and completed my administrative certificate, so I was able to serve as a principal although I did not.”

Loesel previously worked at Churchill County High School as an English teacher last year but was cut by the Reduction In Force because of the budget.

“Before, I taught English for six years at Seneca High School in Erie, and I also was head of the school newspaper and yearbook as well as a union representative,” she said. “I even coached track and field a few years.”

Loesel has also worked at the law firm of Knox, McLaughlin, Gornall, and Sennett, P.C., as a document analyst where she assisted attorneys, paralegals and other staff in developing templates and learning technology.

“I decided to apply for the school liaison position so that I could continue to work with students in a different capacity,” Loesel said. “Our military families need to have someone who is available that understands what the school culture is like … I also had a positive experience with the high (school) administration and guidance office and wanted to continue my involvement.”

She believes her experience within the classroom and ability to understand the audience with which she will be working will help her in her new position and as a union representative, she was an advocate for others.

“In addition, I am a self-motivated person who loves to enable others to succeed,” she said. “This position allows me to work with students and families to help transition and assist them in finding student success. Partnering and advocating with is something that comes naturally to me. I love collaborating and working with others.”

Loesel said she is looking forward to developing and extending lines of communication between NAS Fallon and community through an educational lens.

She said Fallon holds great opportunities, if one knows where to look.

“There are a plethora of resources and events that connect the community and base,” she said. “In my experience, branching out and going to community events really helped me assimilate. The Chamber of Commerce was very helpful in providing me with information about Fallon as well.”

Both Loesel and her husband, Leigh, were born and raised in Erie although they did not know each other growing up or through school. She said they met through mutual friends later in life and were married just a little over a year ago in their hometown.

Loesel and her husband do not have children but consider their dogs to fill that role for now. They have Chelsea, a 13-year-old Jack Russell terrier, 7-year-old Truma and 1-year-old Alta, both Italian Greyhounds.