New tattoo parlor holding opening party Saturday |

New tattoo parlor holding opening party Saturday

Adam Robertson
Jonny Gurr and Ben Karnofsky show off the front of their new tattoo shop, Loser in Love Tattoo.
Adam Robertson / LVN |

A new tattoo parlor has come to Fallon, bringing a business that would appeal to anyone in the community.

Loser In Love Tattoo, located at 2895 Reno Highway, opens Saturday to serve the Churchill County community. Co-owner Jonny Gurr said he and Ben Karnofsky hope to bring “something Fallon hasn’t seen before” with their business as a professional tattoo shop. He noted their initial plan is to focus on tattoos, rather than doing piercings as well.

The business interior is family friendly, lacking the punk, biker feel many tattoo parlors adopt and is reminiscent of a barbershop or hair salon. Gurr said they wanted to be a place that appealed to any customer.

“Anyone and everyone is welcome to come,” he said. “We kind of built it for someone’s daughter to come in or someone’s mom or a marine.”

Gurr and Karnofsky are holding an opening party Saturday at noon, inviting the community to come and meet them. They will host a barbecue at the business with drinks, raffles and “tattoos for a bargain.”

“Hanging out, checking out the shop, meeting people and introducing the town to us so they know who to come to,” Gurr said of the event.

Though they’re coming to Fallon from San Diego, both owners have extensive experience with life in a smaller city.

Gurr said he was born and raised in Fallon before moving to San Diego. He said this was coming home for him and added he’s excited to be back in Fallon. He noted there’s an economic upturn happening in the area, making it a perfect time to open a business.

“It feels like it’s a huge rising,” he said.

Karnofsky hails from Lake Tahoe; he said it was cool to bring a new business to a small town and to be closer to home. He also noted he’s excited to serve the Navy personnel in the area; he said he and Gurr both have experience tattooing military people and know what they like.

“Get it done quick, but with quality in mind and still having fun,” Karnofsky said of their business model.