Nurse urges flu shots |

Nurse urges flu shots

Staff Report

Banner Churchill Community Hospital is reporting that more than 40 people have been diagnosed with the flu, said the community health nurse.

“Some of those people were so ill they had to be hospitalized,” said Rose Lorentzen. “Flu vaccine is being offered in the local pharmacies, private doctors, and the community health nurse.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, thousands of people, young and old, die every year from the flu. Lorentzen said people can prevent the flu by getting a flu vaccination every year.

“Protect yourself, your family, and the community and get your flu vaccination,” she said.

Lorentzen urges residents to call their pharmacy, private doctor or her office at 775-423-4434 for an appointment to get the flu vaccination.

According to numerous health websites, people with the flu recover within one to two weeks without treatment; however, serious complications of the flu can occur. Individuals should call their doctor or nurse immediately if the following occurs:

They feel short of breath or have trouble breathing; have pain or pressure in your chest or stomach; have signs of being dehydrated, such as dizziness when standing or not passing urine; feel confused; or cannot stop vomiting or you cannot drink enough fluids.

For children, seek help if the child has any of the above or if the child has blue or purplish skin color, is so irritable that he or she does not want to be held, does not have tears when crying (in infants), has a fever with a rash or does not wake up easily.