Patrols increase for impaired drivers through May 7 |

Patrols increase for impaired drivers through May 7

Nevada Highway Patrol

CARSON CITY — Law enforcement officers statewide will be Joining Forces increasing patrols for impaired drivers and riders through Sunday.

Making the decision to drive impaired can quickly turn a good time into a bad time with lasting consequences.

If drinking is involved, be sure to plan ahead and designate a sober driver or find a sober ride from a friend or a taxi. Impaired driving not only puts your life and the lives of others in danger, the cost of driving under the influence is high. The average estimated cost of a DUI when legal fees, court fines and higher insurance rates are considered is over $10,000.

“If you drive impaired, you are endangering everyone….including yourself. Alcohol, Marijuana, prescription meds … doesn’t matter! Even buzzed driving is drunk driving! Get a designated driver. Take the bus. Call a taxi or Uber.“

Law enforcement officers encourage motorists to call 911 if they witness drivers or riders that may be impaired.

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