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Pink Power

Steve Puterski
Special to the LVN

Pink Gloves Boxing

Classes for Pink Gloves Boxing begin June 9 at Total Fitness Athletic Club, 1925 W. Williams Ave.

Cost is $349 for the 30-session semester and $80 for the starter kit. For information, contact Total Fitness at 775-428-2639 or visit

Boxing combines power, speed, endurance and skill to overcome an opponent.

A new form of boxing, though, hits the floor of Total Fitness Athletic Club. Owner Lisa Gough brought in Pink Gloves Boxing, a new aspect of fitness and health for women.

While women do not train for an amateur or professional bout, the exercise regimen is directed at increasing self-confidence and motivation. The first session of classes ends in several weeks, although a new class begins June 9 at Total Fitness.

“It’s another great fitness program we have in the community,” Gough said.

Last week, co-owner Nick Milodragovich came to Fallon to host three demonstration classes along with Gough and Pink Gloves trainer Jen Duke of Fallon.

Located in 13 states and Sweden, Pink Gloves is the brainchild of Garet Garrels, who founded the business in 2006. In 2009, Garrels brought on Milodragovich, a college friend in Montana, as a co-owner.

The two engaged in a different business model when it came to personal training. Many of the women they came across said instructors were demeaning and did not achieve confidence they desired.

Before Garrels knew he had a business, he started with one client who was looking for a new personal trainer. As chance would have it, he broke out the boxing gloves and the intense, yet fun workout, started to grow.

His client invited a friend, who then invited others, and soon the sessions grew to 10 people.

“It really started with a group of women who figured out how to best support each other,” Milodragovich said. “Garet started to grow that, and in 2009 we made it an official business.”

The philosophy is to compare an individual to themselves, not against the rest of a group or class. Garrels, a former Golden Gloves boxer in Montana, drew inspiration from the world-class organization and coined his new venture Pink Gloves Boxing.

Gough, who said she is always looking for ways to bring a healthier lifestyle to the community, agreed to start the first tier of Pink Gloves Boxing about 13 weeks ago. Fallon is the first city in Nevada to use the group training technique.

The heart of the program, Milodragovich said, is to set and achieve goals, increase personal interaction and harmony.

“When Jen is holding the gloves, those two get in a rhythm and how cool is that,” he added.

Pink Gloves is a bit of a hybrid, Milodragovich said. Using inspiration from the martial-arts belt system, Pink Gloves follows a similar path. Women participate in a 15-week, 30-class routine and “test” to a new level upon completion of the courses.

Pink Gloves is a seven-tiered program with different colored wraps and gloves are used to differentiate skill levels, although pink is not the highest. The classes, Milodragovich said, are for any fitness level and include women of all ages.

The classes teach the fundamentals and skills in boxing, although it is not a self-defense course. Classes are limited to 10 individuals to give more one-on-one time with the instructors.

“It takes roughly four years, give or take, depending on how someone progresses,” Milodragovich said. “It’s kind of like getting a major (in college). A lot of members (in Fallon) are close to testing out of Tier 1.”

Upon completion of the seven tiers, Milodragovich said women may continue training and even become instructors.

“That’s the philosophy behind it,” he said. “Pink Gloves isn’t just an exercise program, it’s an empowerment program.”

Pink Gloves’ first class started in February with 20 women, who Duke, Gough and Milodragovich hope continue the course.

Carry Thibaut, Marianne Woller and Robin Wood are the newest trainers to the program at Total Fitness, Gough said. The trainers, Milodragovich said, also engage in a structure similar to the clients.