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Police nab Reno men for passing counterfeit bills

Staff Report

Fallon Police Department arrested two Reno men Tuesday for passing counterfeit bills, reports Capt. Vern Ulrich.

“Our agency has been investigating multiple reports of suspects passing counterfeit currency in Fallon this afternoon,” Ulrich said.

The men nabbed in police custody are Christopher Allen Franklin Shoemaker, 31, and Daniel David Winters, 43. FPD is looking for a third man.

They were booked into Churchill County Jail on multiple counts of burglary, possession of a forged instrument, uttering a forged instrument and conspiracy to commit the previously named offenses. Shoemaker’s bail is $60,000, and Winters has a bail of $30,000.

Ulrich said the two of the three men passed or attempted to pass counterfeit currency at Walmart, Pizza Factory, Jerry’s Restaurant and Subway. The bills were $20 and $50 denomination.

“We are currently processing for a search warrant on a vehicle,” Ulrich said. “We are contacting neighboring agencies as part of our investigation.”

Ulrich said the three men travelled through Lyon County on their way to Fallon. Ulrich said if any of the suspects came into a business on Tuesday and passed or tried to pass counterfeit bills, proprietors are to call their local law enforcement agency. The Fallon Police Department’s telephone number is 775-423-2111.