From June 17-27, Churchill County Communications provided the National Pony Express with a toll free number. This number was used by the Pony Express as it carried the mail across eight states during this 10 day period.

Riding day and night those Pony Express riders carried the mail from St. Joseph, Mo., to Old Town Sacramento, Calif., along that trail the mail passed through Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and then into California.

In the past the ham operators that follow the pony riders had used one telephone line to handle the messages that told where the riders and the mail were. This year, with the toll free numbers many people were able to listen to the reports from the ham operators as to where the pony and the mail were. With the assistance of CCCOM, the Pony Express folks, the ham operator and the general public were able to follow the pony rider and the mail as it crossed the 1,966 mile trek.

In appreciation David Kittle, member of the Past Presidents Committee for the Nevada Division, presented a letter and certificate of appreciation to Katherine Mills, who accepted the letter and the certificate on behalf of CCCOM.