Public sex act at park beds guilty plea |

Public sex act at park beds guilty plea

Steve Puterski

A Fallon woman accused of having sex on the porch of the Churchill Arts Center plead guilty Tuesday in District Court.

Donna Deroche, 48, reluctantly entered the plea before Judge Tom Stockard. Her attorney, Paul Drakulich, said his client did not agree to all the facts of the case, but entered the plea to one count of indecent of obscene exposure, a gross misdemeanor.

Churchill County District Attorney Art Mallory said the prosecution has video evidence of the tantric act, which was taken by an off-duty police officer during a youth baseball game.

Deroche and codefendant Anthony Sanchez, 46, were arrested in March after numerous witness suspected the two were engaged in sex. Drakulich said the state had enough evidence to convict her, although Deroche does not agree with all the facts.

According to the police report, authorities noticed Sanchez zipping his pants and Deroche had her pants around her ankles.

She will be sentenced July 16, while Sanchez is scheduled for trial later this summer.

In other court news —

Joe Groves was sentenced up to 40 months in prison Tuesday for uttering a forged instrument.

Mallory said Groves, who’s criminal history includes two felony and eight misdemeanor convictions, stole more than $6,000 from a 94-year-old woman. Mallory said Groves and an unnamed codefendant gained access to the woman’s bank account and took the money.

Drakulich asked for probation for his client, who also has a 10-year-old autistic child. Stockard, though, levied the sentence and denied probation.

Everett Clay Rhodes was sentenced up to four years in prison Tuesday for transporting drugs.

Rhodes was arrested after he and a codefendant fell asleep in their vehicle near Leeteville Junction. Mallory said the men bought $1,500 worth of marijuana, which had an estimated street value of $35,000, to Ely.

Rhodes, attorney, Jacob Sommer, said his client knew there were drugs in the vehicle, but did not know the exact amount.

Leticia Peters was sentenced up to four years in prison for driving under the influence, a third or subsequent offense.

Peters was on probation, but violated her mandate within several weeks. She was also removed from a treatment program from New Frontier on May 20.