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Putin with a Congress

Donald Trump and his co-conspirator Mike Pence openly say that Vladimir Putin is a stronger leader than President Obama. Putin can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and wherever he wants, because his parliament and no one in his country will stop him. Imagine that Putin had to get approval from a Congress, such as ours, with equal power as he, before doing anything. For arguments sake, let’s assume Obama had the power to do as Democrats want. How strong would he be, compared to Putin with a Congress?

Imagine what Obama could have done. He could have raised the minimum wage to $15 and signed a law guaranteeing women equal pay for doing the same work as men. There would be no infringement on a woman’s right to a safe abortion. The unemployment rate would be almost nil, because Obama would have put millions to work repairing and building schools, bridges, highways and airports. We would have Medicare for all and it would be improved to eliminate co-pays on prescription drugs and medical care. A State’s efforts to hinder minorities from voting would end. Discriminatory enforcement of our laws and violence against minorities by some police officers would be stopped. Childcare tax relief and maternity leave for both spouses would be increased. Middle class Americans might see their taxes reduced by 20-30 percent, while those in the top 15 percent of earnings might see their taxes increased by the same amount.

In addition, we would have reasonable immigration reform. It might allow all illegal immigrants 30 days to step forward and get a green card. If they pass a criminal background check they would be put on a list that would eventually lead to citizenship. Any immigrant serving in the military would automatically become citizens upon an honorable discharge along with his/her immediate family. After reform, any illegal immigrant without a green card would be immediately deported, without exception. Anyone assisting a person to enter this country illegally, or anyone employing an illegal immigrant would face a heavy fine and jail time.

Qualified students, whose parents earn less than $150,000, could attend college tuition free. If there is more than one student in the family the minimum earned would be increased by $50,000 per student. I think any student who would like to pursue a trade such as plumber, electrician, or auto mechanic would be able to have their apprentices paid for the same as a college tuition. In addition we would have trade technical institutions where students could learn a trade.

The VA medical system would be improved to cover mental health, care for women, and reduced waiting times for appointments. The military justice system would be overhauled. It wasn’t designed for women in the military. We can’t dismiss 20,000 rapes because Trump says, “What do you expect when you put men and women together.” Right now, less than 5 percent of rapist are being tried and convicted. That’s outrageous. As a last resort we might use civil courts.

Background checks on anyone buying a gun, anywhere, including gun shows, would be required. Anyone on the no-fly list, and any suspected terrorist, or anyone with a history of mental problems, alcoholism, or violence would not be able to buy a gun. Period. Assault weapons and guns with magazines carrying 20 or more bullets would be outlawed, or at a minimum only sold to those passing an extremely ridged background check which would include prohibition to purchase any firearm if an affiliation with any extremist group, right or left, is uncovered.

Much more could be done to protect and preserve our environment, without the Republican Congress, oil companies couldn’t control our energy and environmental policies. Indiscriminate oil pipelines, including those which violate the property of Native Americans, would be halted. Auto emissions would be reduced dramatically and mileage increased to 60 miles per gallon. Those polluting our rivers and streams, or those responsible for poisoning our water supply, as in Flint, Mich., would face jail time, not just fines. Imagine the board of directors of a corporation or corrupt politicians going to prison for years.

Say Obama did all I’ve mentioned, and Putin had a Congress and couldn’t do a damn thing; would Trump still say Putin’s the strongest leader? No matter how much Trump praises Putin, I wouldn’t exchange our form of government for Russia’s for all the tea in China. Putin is a demonic dictator not worthy of anybody’s praise, especially a candidate for President of the United States.

You want a strong leader? Look no farther than Hillary Clinton with a Democratic Congress.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at glen@phonewave.net.