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Rattlesnake Raceway opens 2013 dirt track season

Steve Puterski / LVN Photo


IMCA Sports/Rat Mods

1, Zachary Cail 38. 2, Lee Ketten and Pete Olsen 36. 4, Jimmy Ford 35. 5, Steve Foster 34.

Mini Mods

1, Will Ritchey 40. 2, David Paine 38. 3, Jesse James 36. 4, Steve Singley 34.


1, Al Bishop 40. 2, Mikki Beauchat 37. 3, Holly Olsen 36. 4, Dave Raber 34. 5, Steve Eisele 33.

Hobby Stock

1, Carl Barlow 40. 2, Pete Baglin 39. 3, Rocky Goetz 36. 4, Aaron Benham and Royce Goetz 35.


1, Shawn Natenstedt 39. 2, Don Childs 38. 3, Walter Ball 37. 4, Steve Evenson 36. 5, Shawn LaRocque 34.

Outlaw Karts


1, Amanda Olsen 38. 2, Grasen Ternora and Jordan Mull 37. 4, Ryan McGee 36. 5, Evan Rauscher 6.

Box Stock

1, McKenna Krshul and Caleb Gonzalez 39. 3, Kolbie Mace 35. 4, Blake Rauscher 34. 5, Sarah Anderson 33.


1, Jacob Dias 40. 2, Trey Walter 39.3, Eric Taylor and KateLynn Robertson 36. 5, Brittney Whisler 35.


1, Steve McGee 40. 2, Shanna Robertson 38.

Drivers opened the 2013 Rattlesnake Raceway season with a thunderous roar on Saturday.

Al Bishop took the checkered flag in the Gen-X main event followed by Holly Olsen and Mikki Beauchat.

Carl Barlow navigated the deep field in the Hobby Stock classification and beat out Pete Baglin for first place. Rocky Goetz, Aaron Benham and Royce Goetz rounded out the top five.

The IMCA division is also deep and filled with talented drivers, although Shawn Natenstedt pulled away from Steve Evenson for the win. Don Childs placed third followed by Walter Ball and William Galligan.

In the Mini Mods, Will Ritchey took down the field as he outlasted David Paine, Jesse James and Steve Singley. Jimmy Ford, meanwhile, won the Sports/Rat Mod race, besting Pete Olsen, Zachary Cail and Lee Ketten.

On the Outlaw Karts circuit, Amanda Olsen leads the points race narrowly over Grasen Ternora and Jordan Mull (38-37) in the Beginner class. McKenna Krshul and Caleb Gonzalez are tied for first at 39 in the Box Stock class, while Jacob Dias (40) holds a one-point lead over Trey Walter in the 250cc division.

Volunteers are urged to join a work party this weekend to put the finishing touches on the track. Individuals must arrive at 10 a.m.

The next race is April 20. Pits open at 2 p.m. with Kart heats at 4:30 p.m. and car heats at 6 p.m. Volunteers must meet at the pits tech shack at 3:30 p.m.