Reel Fun: Seniors learn to fish at Liberty Pond |

Reel Fun: Seniors learn to fish at Liberty Pond

Staff report
The Homestead Assisted Living's Maintenance Director, Cooper Amarillo, right, helps seniors cast fishing lines during Wednesday's outing at Liberty Pond.

Spending a Wednesday morning at Liberty Pond to fish was quite the catch for 15 seniors from The Homestead Assisted Living.

Thanks to the facility’s new lifestyle director, Joe Apodaca, residents will enjoy more outdoor activities such as fishing, throughout the year.

The activity was perfect timing as the pond was recently filled with trout and catfish for seniors to learn how to fish. For many seniors, it was their first visit to Liberty Pond with at least two spectators.

But overall, just to get out of the facility is an adventure, Apodaca said.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do for them,” he said. “We’ve also taken drives around Fallon, which brings back their memories. One woman cried because we drove past the ranch she grew up on and she thought it didn’t exist anymore.”

Apodaca started his new role two weeks ago, after shampooing carpets and cooking at the facility for 14 months. He said other activities will include bowling, visits to the Churchill County Museum, and ice cream runs.