School district programs focus on meeting needs |

School district programs focus on meeting needs

Churchill County School District envisions that every child that comes to school is ready to learn a challenging curriculum and is supported at home with a healthy living environment. When all those pieces are not in place, the district has resources to be able to assist families.

Each program, including the Migrant program, Students in Transitions, Indian Education, English Language Learners, Pre-Kindergarten, and FRIENDS Family Resource Center, is able to help meet the needs of a specific population and with different needs for each family. Information for what the family needs is secured voluntarily, during the school registration process or through personal contact. Families are offered services based on their needs that may include referrals to other agencies for basic needs of food, clothing and utilities, school supplies for learning, language assistance in the classroom and in communicating with the school, tutoring for struggling students, and support for early learning.

In all of these programs, parent and family engagement is a key component. In order for a child to be successful in school a supportive family is optimal. This includes making sure that students get to the bus or the school on time, having had plenty of rest, and adequate nutrition. Also, it includes making sure that the student is in school with a positive, successful and achieving attitude towards learning system and the adults imparting the instruction. Students will be successful and engaged in their learning when coming from a home that values education. Preparing students for college and career success benefits the student and the family. Utilizing the resources available for student success is a win/win situation for all. For information on any of these programs, contact Federal Programs, 775-423-6955.

Sue Chambers is director of the Churchill County School District’s Federal Programs.