Seniors eke out win over Juniors |

Seniors eke out win over Juniors

Adam Robertson
The Junior team is fired up during Monday's Homecoming parade down Maine Street.

After an incredibly close game, the seniors came out on top 14-12 over the juniors during Churchill County High School’s annual Powder Puff football game.

Both teams were strong from the start. The juniors’ starting defense kept the seniors from getting a first down. The stalemate finally broke, though, when the seniors pushed through with a 44-yard gain. The seniors continued to push, but the juniors held them back. The juniors gained possession mere yards away from the end zone and pushed back hard; they got close to their end zone but could not get a touchdown before the quarter ended without a score.

In the second quarter, the stalemate was broken. Senior Kayla Buckmaster got the ball and charged down the field, clearing 70 yards and crossing the line for a senior touchdown. While the juniors pushed hard, they could not break the senior line before the quarter ended, 7-0.

This changed in the second quarter as the juniors pushed across the field, making slow progress to a first down at the edge of their end zone. Junior Lizzie Williams pushed through and scored a touchdown, bringing the score to 7-6. The seniors were not finished though, and Whitney Skabelund broke through for a 35-yard touchdown.

The juniors then took to the offense with a vengeance. The girls broke away and got back-to-back charges down the field. With only a few yards to the end zone, Junior Stacy Kalt ran in a final touchdown to close the third quarter 14-12.

The final quarter was intense with both teams pushing to get ahead. The seniors had the ball and crashed against the juniors’ stonewall defense. With only two minutes left on the clock, the ball was turned over and the juniors advanced slowly, trying to get a last touchdown. It was not enough, though, and the game closed with the seniors in the lead.

“Another two minutes and we probably would have won,” said junior Faith Cornmesser.

Kalt and Cornmesser felt the game went better than most people expected. Kalt said the seniors underestimated them and it gave them an advantage.

“People expected the seniors to just blow us out, but we put up a fight,” she said.

Buckmaster felt the win was a good outcome for their senior homecoming. She said the girls all got along and played well together, both in Powder Puff and other sports; the group victory in a single sport was a good senior-year moment.

“It’s kinda like going out in senior year with a bang,” she said.

Junior coach Rich Evans praised his team for a great game.

“Everybody did a good job,” he said. “Lots of intensity … They all worked hard and gave it their best.”

Senior coach Brad Barton was also proud of his team’s performance.

Cornmesser and Kalt both said they were planning to play again next year and expected many of the same girls would try out as well. Evans felt, based on this game, next year’s senior team will have great players in it.