Sheriff’s office urges safety this Halloween |

Sheriff’s office urges safety this Halloween

Staff Report

Tips for staying safe this Halloween

What can motorists do to keep everyone safe?

Although it is already illegal to do so, don’t talk or text on your phone while driving.

Pay extra attention when driving, particularly at crosswalks, intersections, and the side of roadways.

Drive below the posted speed limit. This will allow you extra time to react.

Do not pass vehicles which have stopped in the roadway. They may be dropping off children

If you are driving a group of children, but staying in the running vehicle at the curb, be sure to put on your hazard lights to alert other motorists

Be extra careful when pulling out of driveways

Do not assume that children can see you or are paying attention.

Make sure that all the lights on your vehicle are in operating condition

If you are driving to a Halloween party, make sure your mask is off while driving, many have limited visibility, and on this night you need it.

What can parents do to help motorists and keep their children safe?

Make sure that drivers see the children. Give them flashlights and glow sticks. Dress kids in bright reflective clothing or use reflective tape on their costumes

Use makeup, rather than masks, so children have a clear unobstructed view of their surroundings

Be sure children know how to cross a street. Look left, right, and left again before crossing

Instruct children to stay on the sidewalks and to cross only at corners or crosswalks

Accompany your children as they trick or treat

Discourage teens from driving; there are too many distractions for inexperienced drivers

Remind your child to never accept a ride from a stranger or enter a home without you

Tell your kids to put electronic devices down and keep their heads up when they walk, don’t run across the street

If your teenagers are going out alone, plan and review a route that is acceptable to you, know the area they will be in and set a time that they should be home by. Encourage them to trick or treat in groups, there is safety in numbers

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office issued a reminder for residents to be cautious as Halloween approaches. Halloween will be celebrated in Carson City on Friday.

If a child is trick-or-treating, parents should check treats and throw away any spoiled, unwrapped or suspicious items. While trick-or-treating, if a residence has their lights off, respect their privacy and don’t disturb the residence as not everyone may be participating in giving out treats.

If residents bring their pets out with them, keep them restrained so they don’t get out into traffic. If pets stay at home, it’s recommended to keep them inside so they aren’t teased or given a “treat” that may be harmful to them such as chocolate.

The streets of Carson City will be filled with people young and old and drivers need to be aware and cautious while on the road.

“Please watch for children as you drive,” Sheriff Ken Furlong said in a press release. “The streets will be dark and can be slick should the weather change. Children may dart out unexpectedly, so drive carefully”.