Snodgrass makes progress |

Snodgrass makes progress

Staff report

Daniel Snodgrass, a 24-year-old Fallon resident, was critically injured as a result of an explosion at the Bango Oil refinery in December.

He was airlifted to the University of California at Davis burn center (now known as the Firefighters Burn Institute Regional Burn Center) in Sacramento.

Snodgrass received burns over 50 percent of his body.

The latest update is from Daniel’s family to the LVN.

“Daniel was discharged on Jan. 18 and will be here until the end of the month at least. We are hoping to come home at the end of this month; however, he has had a blistery rash on his back for over three weeks now. We went to a dermatologist and they put him on three more meds.

“They ordered blood work and took two cultures. We will get the results on Wednesday. Depending on how his back is doing we’ll hopefully be able to come home. He has been quite busy since getting discharged with keeping up with all of the appointments. He has had physical therapy three times a week, occupational therapy three times a week, and wound care clinic twice in addition to the dermatologist. Most of the burns and grafts are healing well, but a few are still having issues.

“Once we return home, from what we hear we will be returning to Sacramento about once a week for a while, possibly twice a week. We’re still not sure of the exact details and don’t know whether he will do physical and occupational therapy in Fallon in addition to Sacramento or not.”

For those who want to help the Snodgrass family, a bank account in Daniel’s name has been established at Wells Fargo Bank. The additional donations will help the Snodgrass family with incidental expenses of being with Daniel in Sacramento, transportation costs between Fallon and Sacramento, meals while in Sacramento and other expenses that periodically occur.

A donation account for Snodgrass has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank, account number 3439198858.