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Spring Valley

Dec. 1

Spring Valley 60, Boulder City 25

The Grizzlies win their first game of the season since their state title victory last season.

Dec. 3

Orosi 67, Spring Valley 50

The Cardinals hand the Grizzlies their first taste of defeat in their second game of the season on the road.

Dec. 10

Spring Valley 58, Clark 26 Clark

The Grizzlies return home after breaking even in tournaments on the road and defeat Clark by over 32 points.

Dec. 30

Spring Valley 62, Green Valley 56

The Grizzlies win their sixth and final game in a row taking first place in the Gator Winter Classic tournament after defeated Rancho, Westchester, Dimon, Yosemite, and Mainland.

Jan. 7

Centennial 89, Spring Valley 49

The Grizzlies suffer their first loss in an eight game winning streak at home against a fellow Las Vegas team, barely above the running clock and their last loss of the season.

Jan. 29

Spring Valley 62, Faith Lutheran 46

The Grizzlies play two in a row against the Crusaders, one win on the road and one win at home against the current No. 2 seed in the Sunset League.

Feb. 2

Spring Valley 70, Sierra Vista 26

Spring Valley’s widest margin of victory all season takes place on the road against the Mountain Lions, two games awy from the regional seeding.

Feb. 5

Spring Valley 65, Cheyenne 44

Cheyenne is knocked out of the seeding for the regionals in their last game of the season against the Grizzlies.

Feb. 8

Spring Valley 38, Western 25

In not their closest but still their lowest scoring and lowest rebounding game of the seaosn, the Grizzlies finish as the No. 1 seed in the Sunset League before their quarterfinal game against Desert Pines.

Feb. 16

Spring Valley 55, Desert Pines 41

2016 NIAA Girls Basketball Championships – 2016 NIAA I-A Southern Girls

The Grizzlies come out ahead in their quaerterfinal game against the Jaguars and advance to the semifinals.

Feb. 18

Spring Valley 52, Western 32

2016 NIAA Girls Basketball Championships – 2016 NIAA I-A Southern Girls

Western high school fails at revenge since the seeding began and the Grizzlies have their second shot at a regional championship two years in a row.

Feb. 20

Spring Valley 63, Faith Lutheran 46

2016 NIAA Girls Basketball Championships – 2016 NIAA I-A Southern Girls

A close match between rival teams determines the No.1 and No. 2 seeds as the Grizzlies become the regional champions and advance to take on Lowry from Northern Nevada.